Month: April 2017

Botscamp – Interview with Thomas Schulz

Here you can find the interview that I’ve created with Thomas Schulz the founder of a virtual conference about chatbots. We’ve talked about Thomas’ career before chatbots, his initiatives: the and bottish. Also, we discussed some interesting points about chatbots in healthcare or in different languages. Watch this video on YouTube In the interview, we’ve talked about some of his professional life before chatbots came along. He was actively looking for a solution to connect professionals in the digital healthcare industry. Not having found a proper solution he decided to develop a bot that can help the...

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13 reasons why every conference must have a chatbot

If you have ever attended a business conference or a music festival you know for sure. The amount of information about the different sessions and locations can be overwhelming. That is where conference chatbots come into play and can assist the participant before, during and after the event. If you’re new to chatbots, you may want to read my intro article.  As chatbots are fairly new to the wide public it is still a bit of a question, where will be the best use of them. Of course, we can already see big wins in brand’s customer services, eCommerce...

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Bot business 101 – Book Review

How to start, run & grow your Bot / AI business In this post, I would like to make a quick review of the book Bot Business 101: How to start, run & grow your Bot / AI business by the successful bot entrepreneur Ekim Kaya. To this day this is the only book about chatbots that I’ve read. Even though I’ve been studying bots full-time since November 2016, I’ve learned so much from this book. I can implement the information well in my business. Thank you, Ekim. Short video version: Watch this video on YouTube Where did I hear...

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