Month: May 2017

The Best 15 Free Facebook Messenger Bot Builder Platforms in 2018 – Without Coding Knowledge

You’ve seen these cool Facebook Messenger Chatbots and also want one for your Facebook page? But don’t know where to start and coding is none of your strengths? Then go no further. I’ve made the ultimate list of chatbot builders (platforms) that help you to make a Messenger bot in just a couple of minutes. If you are new to chatbots, read this intro article first. Fortunately, there are many people just like me and you who are also interested in building their own chatbots. This growing demand is coming mostly from small business owners and marketers that don’t...

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Facebook Opens Messages Automatically on Pages

As we all know, Facebook makes great efforts to channel brands communication into it’s messaging platform, Messenger. They not only invest an insane amount of resources into making Messenger better (they doubled down on Messenger this year, see my short F8 notes), but also make sure that people use it. One of the examples is that they allow automation for messaging people that left a comment on any post of a FB Page. I wrote about the Facebook auto reply method in my first blogpost.  Another example is that they show and emphasize readers, how well the brand responds...

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