Month: February 2018

ManyChat Vs Chatfuel: What’s The Difference in 2018?

  One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from people who are new to chatbots is about chatbot builders. So I went ahead and wrote an article on the 15 best Messenger bot builders. But another popular question I seem to get is:   “Balint, should I choose ManyChat or Chatfuel? And which platform do you understand better?”   The first question we’re going to cover in lots of juicy detail. And I’m going to give a boring answer to the second: I think I understand them both equally (and not to be cocky — but I...

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007 – Messenger as a Marketing Channel – Chat With Michael Sabat

  This is the 1st episode of a 2 part series. It’s a collaboration with fellow podcaster Micheal Sabbat, the host of The Chat Bubble. The second episode will be available over his podcast. I remember listening to his podcast the first time about a year ago, trying to learn everything about the messaging space. So was really psyched when he reached out to me with the idea of this collaboration. He has 10 years experience with messaging as a marketing channel and today we’re going to talk mainly about Messenger.    Mentioned in the episode: for...

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