Month: March 2018

Facebook Put New Bot-Creation on Pause

(Exciting edit: Bots are back + a ton of cool updates) Hey guys, Balint here. Today I’m going to give my thoughts on the newest messenger update as of 27th, March, 2018. So you’ve probably heard in the news that Facebook has had issues with data breaches — over 50 million users’ data was exposed to other platforms. This is obviously not something that Facebook wanted but they have to deal with this issue — so they’ve chose to put the bot review on hold.   This means bot-builders are currently unable to connect new chatbots to Messenger. What...

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008 – Building Your Brand With Facebook – Chat With Kristen Nice

“If you don’t realize that Facebook is taking over the interwebs — I’m here to let you know, it’s time to wake up”. I had a chat with Kristen Nice from ‘The Social Makeover’ on how to grow your personal brand with Facebook (and why it’s crucial you learn this). In this episode, we reveal brand-new Facebook updates like ‘Watch Party’ and ‘Social Learning’ (huge opportunity for early adopters here), as well as how to create an effective webinar template. Kristen also taught me a lot about Facebook Live, Facebook groups, hashtags, emojis, and how to personalize your chatbot...

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