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009 – Messenger Commerce – Selling with Your Chatbot – Interview with Flashchat Founder Vaios Gkitsas

During the dark times of the embargo, we talked to Vaios Gkitsas about his company Flashchat, which is an “All-in-one Messenger Commerce Platform for retailers” and has been trusted by big brands such as Coca-Cola and Peugeot. His mission is to “make Messenger Commerce mainstream — and make it easy for any business”. Vaios has […]

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8 Impressive Messenger Updates from F8

If you didn’t know, Facebook is currently showcasing the F8 (the annual developer conference) and I’ve dug out 8 nuggets that I wanted to share with you.   Update 1: By far the most important update for us is. . . The app review has finally reopened! I’m excited to say, you now have the […]

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