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Balint Pataki here, the mind behind Chatbot Tutorial.
I’ve created the site because I saw that chatbots gain popularity, but there is not much practical help for all the not tech-savvy out there.

If you are not a tech-geek, but still want to build your own chatbot and enjoy the leverage of automation. I have good news for you. It is possible.

It takes a little bit of learning, but it is well worth it. $$$$ worth it.
Higher open rates, engagement, better user experience and a lot of fun included. 🙂



A bit about me:

I grew up in Hungary and after finishing High School I moved to Vienna, Austria to study Business and Marketing.
I’ve already been creating online businesses next to my studies, so successfully skipped the ‘let’s find a job’ phase.

When I am not working (rarely), I am probably going out with friends, doing sports or spending time with my family. I love spending time in nature as well.


I’ve been introduced to Chatbots in July 2016. It was at the Affiliate World Europe Conference in Berlin. There was a Facebook Room where I could talk to some of the Client Partners at Facebook. My mind was blown when I saw the CNN Chatbot the first time. Also, I got pretty excited about the upcoming improvements. Not so long after Facebook opened Messenger as ad destination I jumped on it and been building Chatbots ever since.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up https://chatbottutorial.com/letstalk. Especially, if you are in Vienna or Budapest.