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009 – Messenger Commerce – Selling with Your Chatbot – Interview with Flashchat Founder Vaios Gkitsas

During the dark times of the embargo, we talked to Vaios Gkitsas about his company Flashchat, which is an “All-in-one Messenger Commerce Platform for retailers” and has been trusted by big brands such as Coca-Cola and Peugeot. His mission is to “make Messenger Commerce mainstream — and make it easy for any business”. Vaios has […]

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8 Impressive Messenger Updates from F8

If you didn’t know, Facebook is currently showcasing the F8 (the annual developer conference) and I’ve dug out 8 nuggets that I wanted to share with you.   Update 1: By far the most important update for us is. . . The app review has finally reopened! I’m excited to say, you now have the […]

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Facebook Put New Bot-Creation on Pause

(Exciting edit: Bots are back + a ton of cool updates) Hey guys, Balint here. Today I’m going to give my thoughts on the newest messenger update as of 27th, March, 2018. So you’ve probably heard in the news that Facebook has had issues with data breaches — over 50 million users’ data was exposed […]

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