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008 – Building Your Brand With Facebook – Chat With Kristen Nice

“If you don’t realize that Facebook is taking over the interwebs — I’m here to let you know, it’s time to wake up”.

I had a chat with Kristen Nice from ‘The Social Makeover’ on how to grow your personal brand with Facebook (and why it’s crucial you learn this).

In this episode, we reveal brand-new Facebook updates like ‘Watch Party’ and ‘Social Learning’ (huge opportunity for early adopters here), as well as how to create an effective webinar template.

Kristen also taught me a lot about Facebook Live, Facebook groups, hashtags, emojis, and how to personalize your chatbot (or as Kristen would say, her “ladybot”).

Click the play button below to give it a listen.

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Mentioned in the episode:

Paint Social Therapy

The Social Makeover


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