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Chatfuel introduces Inbox – Live Chat Feature

Chatfuel goes with the trend and lets you chat live with your Messenger users via their Inbox

Fact is that more and more people choose to use live chat applications over the phone and email.

Out of convenience, this is often the Facebook/Messenger platform. Facebook is actively encouraging this as they provide several ways for the users to message businesses.

They open a popup when someone visits your business page,
allow you to integrate your Messenger chat (bot) on your website
or offer a way to follow up on comments directly with a private message.

They even encourage you to send your existing comments as a private message as well.


However, managing all the incoming messages can be challenging when using Facebook’s native inbox. It’s not uncommon for businesses to try to push the conversation to email, even though, a customer reaching out via Messenger clearly showed his/her preference. Some businesses are even reluctant to answer and are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

The screenshot was taken in August 2018, still waiting for an answer…


Building a chatbot is definitely a good solution, but you’ll still need humans for several reasons. Just to mention a few:

  • you won’t have everything automated – even if you think you do 🙂  (you can train your bot on the fly though)
  • triggering messages, fixing issues, helping people use the chatbot correctly – manually unsubscribe or start a sales funnel
  • individual issues like problems with orders that need human decision making

The problem is, with the chatbot being active – your inbox will be even more crowded. It will be harder to manage conversations, follow up on certain issues etc. Also, the bot might interfere during your chat, making the conversation potentially awkward.



This is where the Chatfuel’s Inbox comes handy. They just started to roll out this new feature, so be patient if you don’t see it yet.

You can find it in the second position among the tabs on the left side.

What are your options, what does the Chatfuel Inbox provide for you?

1. You can change between bot or live chat function at will

Organize your messages in these 2 ‘folders’. You might want to keep someone in the live chat until for example an issue is resolved.

2. While the live function is on, the bot is switched off. So it won’t disrupt your chat with the user. 

Just type your messages and hit enter. You also see all the chat history, which is really helpful, especially if you didn’t create many custom attributes to track the activity.

3. See Custom and System Attributes to understand your user better and be able to provide a better customer service.

Use the attributes to make the customer experience even better.

You can not only see their previous activity, but you have this little ‘summary’ of the most important things you want to keep track of.
The custom fields are the one that you set up in your bot, the system attributes are provided by Chatfuel. So you can personalize your messages even more with this information. You can be aware that it’s 11am or 11 pm for the person at the other end.  Maybe you realize you speak another language? Did they already provide their email address? No need for asking again.

4. Add/Update the custom attributes

Just click on the attribute you want to edit or add a new one.


There are occasions when you need to edit things manually. Probably they became a customer and didn’t use your Messenger bot for that. Or asked for unsubscription that you don’t have automated yet…  During the talk, you figured that you can segment them based on certain aspects? Maybe you can mark the user as a hot lead? Do it, use custom attributes as much as it’s necessary. You can also remove custom attributes.

5. Trigger messages  via adding custom attributes

Using the broadcast’s trigger messages you can put them on certain automation. No need to type out certain things if you have them already stored in a block. If it happens often, you can ‘reuse’ that with a little bit of extra work.
I’ve already suggested the team to add the ability to add sequences here as well.

Overall, a really good addition by Chatfuel especially compared to the old live chat. Let me know if you also have it and how you use it.

PS: Another great tool to manage your conversations, and train your bot real time is Janis.
This software allows you to:
A) get notifications only when we want to
B) answer them quickly via the live chat
C) train the bot on the spot to handle these messages next time

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