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Chatfuel Limits Free Plans – What to do?

The changes announced by Chatfuel in the beginning of June took place on the 1st of August. And we're expanding our special offer related pro bot.

I saw so many people complaining about these changes. So hopefully this post and video will help a bit.

The changes in a nutshell:

Free version will have a stronger branding. Besides the persistent menu's branding, the welcome message will have a Chatfuel branding as well. 

The other change for the free version is that only the first 5000 users will be available. So if the bot has more then 5k reachable users, they'll won't be able to use the bot. 

This is how a free Chatfuel bot looks like with over 5000 users for new users

I think it's great because businesses who can gather more than 5000 users on their list are also the ones that are more likely to have the resources to pay for the service.

Chatfuel has also recently adjusted their prices to make it more affordable. 

So the pricing of Chatfuel PRO bots as of August, 2018 goes like this:

500 users
1000 users
2000 users
5000 users
10 000 users
15 000 users
20 000 users
25 000 users
Custom solution
over 25 0000 users

So now I want to go over my three little tips on how to save on the subscription price or save time. 

Tip #1. Reduce the number of reachable users.

You pay for the users who you can reach. Logical.

Reachable users are people who have messaged your paged and haven't blocked it or deleted the conversation.

If you are on a non-pro plan you still can segment people and see how many people you have segmented. And you can decide who to keep.

If you've properly built your chatbot, you'll have some users that have unsubscribed from your bot 'natively'. What I mean is by proactively asking you to stop the messages without Facebook's various methods to avoid spam.

But if you haven't done you really have to set up a subscription it's really important. It's not just for reducing the number of subscribers but it's for the people. Just respect them and give them the opportunity to the unsubscribe.

Also, from Facebook side, you don't want to appear as a spammy, not valuable business for Facebook's users. Create a block called 'unsubscription' and add a user attribute and say subscribed equals false.

And you probably want to give them a text like "okay you've been unsubscribed". Okay, that's the minimum you have to do and there are two words for this in the industry that people use: stop and unsubscribe.

So you want to add this stop and unsubscribe as keywords and link them with the created block.

Ok, so naturally, people will unsubscribe. Offer this option with every single message of yours.

You can also filter to people who are less likely to bring money for your business. Besides your own individual segmentation, Chatfuel can help you here as well. For example, with the use of the last seen parameter.

That way you can (also manually) unsubscribe them but you cannot delete them until you upgrade to the pro plan.

If you feel you have a lot of users, you can just upgrade for a month and delete the ones you don't feel like keeping. I just actually did that on a bot, reducing the number of subscribers from over 140k to under 100 000 subscribers.

That's a way you can save money and stay on the free plan or have a smaller plan available for you.

Tip #2. Make money from the bot.

So my second tip is not on cutting the price but making more of your existing user base and there are many ways to monetize. You can just google it and look up ways if you run a business. It should be fairly obvious.
If you have a bot with some sort of entertainment function like memes or whatnot the bare minimum that you can do is to look at users who are more engaged. You can use the arithmetic function. I'm not going to go into a tutorial now. Just be clever when you send out messages or build out the interactions. You can track these people and you can send out a specific broadcast to them.

Then you can ask them to contribute because they use it a lot and love the service. Just set up a link and they can send you money. If you get like a couple of bucks from each of these users it can add up quickly and it can be a monthly plan or a yearly or just a one-time fee.

That's how Wikipedia supports itself as well and many other institutions. So don't be embarrassed to ask for money to run your services.

Tip #3. Let Chatbot Tutorial do the work.

My third suggestion is about saving time and making things a little bit more efficient and better.

It's an agency offer that I have for you now. So basically we will match the price that you would receive from Chatfuel anyways and you'll receive our monthly services as a bonus.

What's included in the monthly Chatfuel Pro management service?

Chatfuel PRO bot

Your Chatfuel bot will be a PRO account as our customer. You'll have the ability to use the People's tab and also get rid of all the branding and even the persistent menu if you chose so. This is only valid for pages that haven't been on the PRO plan before.

Weekly broadcast

You just provide the text/creatives, we'll adjust it to the bot and send out to your chosen segment.

Monthly reports

You will receive monthly reports about your chatbot and how it did

Platform Changes

Also, you will have the upgrades if there are platform changes you will be notified about it we will take care of these small changes as well.

Email support

If you have more than 5,000 reachable users, so if you need the plans upwards from 10,000 users you will also receive our email support. So if you have any questions about your bot or Messenger marketing just general what things concerns come up. You can message us and we will answer this via email. It's within fair use but it's like an unlimited support for the month.

The value of this offer is in saving time for you. Also, we can just see something in your bot, which we can easily fix and would have caused some damage later on for your business.

This offer is limited for 10 businesses, if you don't have the link available don't get discouraged, you can still reach out to us and we'll see if we have availability to take on more businesses and for what price.

Interested? Sign up now. Need a chatbot developed for your business? Message us!

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