017– Coupons, Loyalty Cards with Walletly – with Rupert Samuel | Chatbot Tutorial

017– Coupons, Loyalty Cards with Walletly – with Rupert Samuel

“Utilizing something like a chatbot works a lot better than something like a web page where they can then opt-in to receive the coupon but then the great thing as soon as they have the coupon on their phone you’re then going to be able to utilize the proximity-based marketing.”


Ruper Samuel set up his first shop with only 18 and scaled to 20 shops within just a few years in South West England. He’s a contest winner chatbot builder and a successful marketer.

He is the co-founder of Walletly, a tool perfectly suited for the marketing needs of local businesses. Walletly helps you create and manage coupons and loyalty cards and is working well together with the major chatbot platforms out there.

Today, he’s sharing his knowledge when it comes to chatbots and advanced tools for local businesses. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this episode, and be inspired by Rupert’s story.

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