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Pro Membership Giveaway (FREE Chatfuel PRO bot included)

Hi everybody,

I have a free giveaway, the winner will get:
– Chatfuel PRO up to 5k user
– Access to Janis PRO
– Training
– Ongoing Help
– Other software, discounts, and templates

All this for free for 6 months.

If you follow us, you’ve probably heard about this. I just wanted to make the signup easier for everyone with this post.


There are 3 different ways here to enter here, all of them will require that you’re logged in via your FB account.

1.Comment below this post. Hint: You need to click on it, can’t do it here on the site. You need to comment with your Facebook account.

Please don’t be confused by the price there, that’s just my plan for the early bird price. This is a free giveaway and winner get’s a free membership for 6 months. Just the software stack is over $100 a month. You find the terms and conditions in this post as well.

2. Just hit the button below

After confirming the popup, you’ll have a message in your Messenger/FB inbox.

3. Simply message us – for example via the chat plugin on the bottom right, and type


Good luck! I’m super stoked about this.

PS: Fun fact: Just won a book this Wednesday, for a FB comment. I officially love giveaways haha.


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  • Karim Atef says:


  • Randy says:

    Loved to have the info on expressions used in the attributes fields

  • Begrhout says:

    Chatfuel is the best tool to automate budiness online. I use it to engage my website visitor to see update and offers using my fanpage

  • Gabriel says:

    sadly I didn’t know about bots very much until facebook stopped page integration sometime ago..

    Then shortly after CF wasn’t free anymore.

    2 of my younger colleagues that knew about Chatbots long before me and they started with CF when it was free.. And their income increased exponentially.

    Chatbots are the next generation and gladly this your article has given an insight on other Chatbots that I have to try.

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