010 – Making Your Chatbot Smarter with Janis – with CEO Josh Barkin | Chatbot Tutorial

010 – Making Your Chatbot Smarter with Janis – with CEO Josh Barkin

Today we’re talking about how to make your simple Chatbot smarter. Janis is, in my opinion, one of the most useful bot plugins that you can imagine. It helps you utilize Google’s AI, Dialogflow, without all the hustle you had to go over before. Imagine that whenever your bot doesn’t know how to answer Janis notifies you immediately and you can jump in and answer directly to solve the issue. But that’s not all, you can tell Janis to learn from this situation and you’ll have it automated for all future scenarios.


As not all the features come with the free version, I’ve decided to add Janis PRO into the stack of our PRO membership. So members not only get access to all the training videos, mastermind calls, templates and other bot plugins, but also premium software such as a bot builder or Janis. I run a giveaway now and you have the opportunity to get a free membership.


Learn more about Janis.ai

Lots to learn to here, give a listen below:


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