If You're Not Using Messenger Bots For Your Business in 2018, You're Leaving Money on the Table.


"It was already capturing leads and I made $10k automated because of the Chatbot."

- Ulyses Osuna, Influencer Press
United States

"...my store generated over $200k...
And it wouldn't be like that if I didn't have the chatbot installed"

- Chris J., Shopify Store owner

Think back when emails first became a common method of communication...

People read every single email they received. A 90% open rate was easy to achieve, without having to come up with the ‘perfect subject line’.

Then, the marketers came and ruined it. Harsh, but true.
Now, we’re happy if even 1 person out of 3 opens our carefully crafted message!

What Gurus Don't Want You To Know About Their Success

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat...

They all brought insane results for early adopters. The entrepreneurs that jumped in quickly had an unfair advantage over those who joined later. It's simple. They got really good at them when it was still easy.

Don't get me wrong, these channels are still effective for those who've mastered them.
But as the masses caught up, the game changed.

Less attention, more competition, and higher prices.
To put it simply: it's harder when everyone’s doing it.

To get good at them you've to compete with the best on the hardest playgrounds.

Let me compare this to Messenger Marketing. Most people still have no freakin' idea what a bot is. But they all use Facebook all the time!

Look at these open and click-through rates...

It was in a niche that I had absolutely no knowledge of...

All I had was a channel with attention.
I couldn’t have pulled this off anywhere else; only on Messenger.

The channel where people are excited to receive messages and open them ASAP.
The channel that used to communicate with friends and family.
The channel that isn’t ruined by other businesses and marketers.

That’s what I call an unfair advantage.

So let me ask you something.

Do you Want an Unfair Advantage?

Then Get Good at Messenger Marketing While It's Still Easy.

Hey, I'm Balint, the founder of ChatbotTutorial.com.

Last year in November Facebook opened Messenger as an ad destination.
I've quickly realized how powerful tool it is for a marketer.

I was looking for ways to build chatbots to automate the flow once people enter the Messenger Funnel.

I dug deep. I was buying courses and books, looking for solutions and the best cases all the time. I was building, testing, failing, adjusting.

Here is the good news: you don't have to spend those long days and nights searching for what's working and what's not.
I'll give you all the knowledge I've acquired over the last 13 months.

Let me introduce you to Bot Mastery

The Ultimate Online Training for Marketers and Businesses about Chatbots and Messenger Marketing

In Bot Mastery I'm going to make an interactive learning experience for you with videos, a support group, and checklists.

After the 5 week course, you'll be able not only to design and build a for your business that sells and makes money, but you'll also become a go-to guy and be able to sell it as a service.

Here is what you'll learn:

Module #1: Quick Start

Implementation and speed are crucial for your business. I want you to be able to start ASAP, even if it's not perfect for the first time.

  • Bots 101: Basic information about bots, why you should care
  • Choosing your Platform: This is a really important decision you have to make in the beginning
  • FB's Terms of Service: It's important for you to understand what is and isn't allowed for Facebook Messenger.
  • check
    The minimal setup: What is a must-have for your bot

Module #2: Strategy

The bots are like new employees in your business. We'll map out how they can help you in your marketing and sales.

  • The Why: Planning your strategy for people to enter your channel
  • Bot Examples: I'll show you a couple of examples of to see what's possible, what others do
  • Strategy Questionnaire: A walkthrough for how to develop a strategy for your business
  • check
    Bot building checklist: Don't forget anything important, just go over the points

Module #3: Design

Now that you got the strategy down, it's time to plan and design the actual conversations that the users are going to have with your chatbot. This module is massive. Here are a couple of things you'll learn:

  • Mockup tools: Using the right methods you won't lose overview over your flow
  • Copywriting: All from creating your bot's persona to making effective hook points so that people will be clicking constantly
  • Messenger Messaging types: A walkthrough for the possible messages you can use to communicate
  • check
    Testing opportunities: How you can test your bot without showing it to anyone else, no matter if you've messaged it before
  • check
    Practical Tips and Tools: How to create great images, gifs, emojis in a time-effective way

Module #4: Implementation

After designing and crafting the conversations, it's time to build. This is also the point where people start interacting live with your bots.

At first all functions are covered generally, then on specific platforms (ManyChat and Chatfuel as of now). 
Just to mention a few:

  • Default answers:  What happens when people write a message and the bot doesn't understand
  • Keywords and AI: How you should use keywords and Artificial Intelligence for your bot
  • Broadcasting: The do's and don'ts of broadcasting
  • check
    Sequences: A powerful tool for making first time users long term users
  • check
    Segmenting Your Audience: Here you'll learn how to segment your audience and how to utilize the data later on
  • check
    Integrations: Using other software to give a richer experience for your users. Want to save data from the users? We got you covered.
  • check
    Issues and solutions: They are going to happen. We'll show you the typical issues and how to overcome them.

Module #5: Audience Growth

You've built an awesome bot by now. So let other people know about it and make the magic happen.

  • Facebook native options: This is the most natural type of acquiring new users. We'll cover both paid and organic methods.
  • Website options: Do you drive traffic to your page or have organically a lot of visitors? Great. Let them use your Messenger bot as well.
  • Comment auto reply method: I'll show you this powerful method to leverage social proof while gaining new subscribers at the same time
  • check
    Tracking: Collect data and use it to tweak your bot for a better experience and higher conversions.
  • check
    Other methods: Every other possibility that can help you gain more subscribers.

You'll get all the updates to the course.

Messenger Bots and Marketing is a constantly changing environment.
There is no need for you to spend your valuable time figuring out all the changes. You'll get them as part of the course. No matter if it's a new platform or function. You'll have it.

Private FB Support Group

An exclusive community to ask your questions, get updates and discuss matters with other preselected entrepreneurs. All the other members have the course and Balint will also personally answer most questions. So if you ever feel stuck, all you need to do is ask a question.

"I was using it the very next day after it was done.

It was already capturing leads and I made $10k automated because of the Chatbot. "

- Ulyses Osuna, Influencer Press

"... but I found Balint. I knew he’d be the perfect person to help me and straight away he cut through the BS"

I do consider myself a pretty informed guy, but the bot landscape is hard to navigate and to get your head around. I was spending far too much time trying to ‘learn the ropes’ and not focusing on my business

He has a fantastic understanding of the primary creation - ManyChat and ChatFuel. For my campaign we used ManyChat and he created a funnel that works perfectly for my agency.

- Stewart Dunlop, Linkbuilder.io

"... just in the last 3 months my store generated over $200k...
And it wouldn't be like that if I didn't have Balint's help and the chatbot installed"

I've got a Shopify store which I've been running for a couple of months by now and with Balint's help, I managed to significantly reduce my acquisition cost and also increased my customer service...

- Chris J., Shopify Store owner

"... He knows the ins and outs of the chatbot builders, but also understands Facebook. I think that is what really helped me save time"

- Becky DeGrossa, Online Entrepreneur

Chatbot Tutorial PRO Membership


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  4) Implementation 
   5) Audience Growth 
6) Advanced (Coming Soon...)

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have watched the course and think you didn't get the value you've paid for, I'll give you a full refund within 72 hours.

"...Implemented everything what he said, got a database over 500 people in a couple of weeks from our FB ads. And then we send them broadcast and we're converting 10% into sales at the moment..."

- Nolan Fisher, Specialist for Local Businesses


*Q: I already have a Chatfuel PRO account, can I get still the free PRO version?

A: Yes, you can. Please note, however, that we can only activate FB pages that had not been on PRO plan before. 

*Q: What if I need more than 5000 users for my bot?
A: Reach out to us, you'll be able to join for a very good price. ;)

**Q: What do I get from the Janis PRO plan?
A: You'll receive all the PRO functions up to 1k conversations/month. Conversations start when your bot doesn't know the answer. 1 user is counted as 1 conversation so it's plenty. If you  need more, however, reach out to us and we can discuss.  You can find out more about the pro package here: https://www.janis.ai/

Q: When does the course start?
A:  The course material is already waiting for you. Most parts of the membership will be unlocked for you manually within 24 hours. Weekly Office Hours start on the week of 5th of August.

Q: Are there any extra costs for the software or tools?
A: I show you several tools in the course, most of them are free or paid for you :).  Premium tools are also available from as low as $10/month. You'll see, however, that this is an investment that is bringing money back to you.

Q: What if I'm not good at technology?
A: No problem, I'll take it slowly. The videos will show my shared screen, and I'll explain what to do and where to find things at the same time. I don't know how to code either... the most complicated thing to do is copy paste a couple of things. If you ever get stuck, the FB group is there for you.

Q: Will a chatbot work well in my business/niche?
A: As long as your target group can be found on Facebook (hint: yes), Messenger bots will work well. We have developed bots for clients to sell physical goods, services, consultations and informational products. Chatbots can also be used to retarget, educate, qualify or publish news.

Q: What if I already have a bot?
A: That is great. You'll still learn a ton by seeing how I go about building. Also, with all the updates in the future, you'll learn quickly how you can make your bot even more awesome. The Growth module is alone worth the price, especially if you're not spending hours daily in Business Manager on FB. 

Q: Can I cancel anytime?
A: Yes. You'll have access till the end of your payment period. Once you cancel, however, you'll lose your price guarantee. So if you want to join in the future again, you might have to pay a higher price.

Q: What bot builders do you use?
A: We use mostly: Chatfuel, ManyChat, Dialogflow, sometimes Flowxo. In the course, I'll cover the first two in details, possibly adding more in the future as the market changes.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Yes. If you have watched the course and think you didn't get the value you've paid for, I'll give you a full refund within 72 hours.

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