Many people experience chatbots via Messenger the first time. But Messenger was not the first messaging platform that opened its doors for bot developers. In fact, there are quite a few apps out there enabling us to build amazing bots and reach users on their favorite platform.


For this episode, I invited David Pichsenmeister, the ‘botfather’. He is the Co-founder of Oratio and the Organiser of the Chatbot Conf.
He is the one to talk about different messaging applications and bots.


We’ll talk about:
– WhatsApp and it’s business use cases
– What is to know about Viber, Telegram, and Kik
and many more…

Mentioned in the – helping businesses connect and automate different messaging channels

Chatbot Conf – A yearly chatbot Conference by Oratio

david pichsenmesiter chatbot conf

After Chatbot Conf 2017 with ‘botfather’ David Pichsenmeister in Vienna


You can reach and learn more about David here.

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