The Best Marketing Tools for Messsenger Bot Builders in 2019 | Chatbot Tutorial

The Best Marketing Tools for Messsenger Bot Builders in 2019

On this page, I’m listing all (well, most of them) the tools that I use for Messenger marketing and working productive online. Although, this site has a chatbot focus, working online, especially with multiple people involved brings a need for a wide range of tools. 

Start with the wrong technical base for your chatbot (agency) and you will struggle to get it to work properly, let alone maximize it’s potential.

Start with the right setup and you can go beyond tech and focus on the core of your business while being flexible and adaptable.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you start using one of them I may receive some sort of benefit for the sale. Nonetheless, we have and do use all the tools linked below and recommend them because we find them great, regardless of whether or how much they pay us. 

Also make sure that you need these tools to achieve your goals, don’t spend your resources on things you don’t need.

I’ve arranged the following categories for you for easier navigation

Learning Resources regarding chatbots


Of course, I try to do my best to put good resources here for you, so feel free to look around in the blog.

The podcast is completely free and you have access to some of the industry experts that way.

I also have a free Facebook group where you can post up your questions and learn and share experience with other like-minded people.


I’m a bit biased but I think the best place to learn is my program, Bot Mastery 2.0. You have all the support you need, software paid for you and weekly coaching calls and much more.

When it comes to conversation design, I can gladly recommend Conversational Academy. I went through the course and learned a lot. These guys know what they’re doing.

Chatbot Builders

So we have a few bot builders that we regularly work with, you can read much more on the blog about them so I’ll keep it short here:


ActiveChat is our new favorite. Very powerful bot builder with multiple channels and advanced integrations.

Here’s my in-depth review of ActiveChat.

You can try it out for 14 days for free and we even have a discount code for you for the first year.


Chatfuel is one of the most established and stable bot builder. I’ve started working with it back in 2016.

You can check out my review of Chatfuel on the blog.


ManyChat is another big player in the field. One of the best marketing solutions you’ll ever encounter when it comes to Messenger marketing.

Our individual review of ManyChat is available on the blog as well.

Mobile Monkey

I believe it’s the 3rd biggest bot builder out there. Fast improvements and a great blog about Messenger marketing.

Try Mobile Monkey for free here.


We don’t use Octaneai much, but it’s great when it comes to e-commerce as it’s their only focus. 


Recart is another e-commerce tool. Was one of the first ones that utilized cart abandonment with Messenger.

Other Chatbot Related

Dialogflow – Google’s Natural Language Understanding Tool

Very powerful to make your chatbots better. As we concentrate on easy to use tools here and creating chatbots with less techy skills, I didn’t include it under the bot builders but Dialogflow can be a standalone bot builder, we use mostly on top of other software such as ActiveChat (as it has native integration).

Janis is a powerful tool for making your chatbot smarter. You are able to train your bot while interacting live with your customers. This is just one of the reason’s why I decided to include it in my comprehensive bot agency program, Bot Mastery 2.0.

Here’s my interview with the co-founder, Josh Barkin.

Messenger Code generator

Good for creating Scan codes, you can even remove the image from the middle 😉

Tool for comment optin/capture

If you don’t want to use chatbots, but still want to invite people for a private chat via comment, use this tool. It’s also really powerful to combine different campaigns so I use Autoresponder Bot combined with chatbots as well.


Design, Planning

Besides the old school pen and paper (which can be totally underrated) or whiteboards, we use a few tools as well to plan out chatbots or manage projects.


This is where I put up quick notes for myself. Let it be from a phone call or a student question etc. I can also scratch out some of my plans for chatbots but that usually goes into one of the programs that are more suitable for collaboration.

Google Docs

When I prepare an article (writing these words in GDocs as well), or need to share things with others, Google Docs is the go-to software. It’s very easy to share whole folders with all the documents in them or just individually. Also, I provide my templates to my students in G docs so they can make a copy but only I can make updates to keep things clean (they can still comment though).

This is more specifically for chatbot design. I’ve used many tools over the years, that is my go to when I need to be a bit more visual. It lives in a Google, so you can add the app to your account and open files easily that way. Very easy to share these ‘drawings’ and collaborate by the creation. I wish had a better comment feature.

Management, Organisation


Asana is a super tool to keep me organized. I use it both personally and with my team. This way I won’t forget tasks, sending out broadcasts, for example. I keep track of all clients, my accounting duties etc. You can assign different tasks to users, set a deadline and comment and chat right in the tool. It’s very useful to have the context, especially if the project slows down a bit, so you can just have a quick view of what’s been done so far, etc.

They have a very generous free plan, some advanced features available on a paid plan.

Google Drive

Once again, easy to share files with others and have control of the access. I use both my private (Backup and Sync) and business Drive folders (Drive File Stream). You can send folders to clients to upload images, keep everything organized and synchronized all the time, so no problem if you access from another device.


Dropbox is similar to Drive, a bit better backup options and harder sharing options in my opinion. Also, the shared files use up your account space, so you have to be aware of that if you share to people using the free version.

It is excellent, however, when it comes to individual file sharing, where the file format matters in the sharing link. So, for example, you can deliver direct download links or links ending with .mp4, .mp3 etc. that is often a requirement for things to work when you use attachments.


LastPass is where I store pretty much all my passwords. You can have 1 master password and don’t need to remember all your passwords across different channels. That’s alone already really powerful, but when you need to share access to different tools online it becomes even handier. You can share a password to multiple people without actually giving them the password. It’s not bulletproof and had a few issues a couple of years ago, but according to my knowledge, it’s safe enough in most cases.

Google Calendar

This is what I use to keep track of upcoming events, things I need to do. Block out times from my calendar when I offer it for booking etc. I even put reminders of family events in there to make sure I don’t miss anything. You can use it in your chatbot as well, for example for birthday reminders or taking bookings.

Showcasing, Recording

One of the most powerful ways to showcase chatbot plans is to create a video on showing the chatbot in action.


Loom recently had an insane growth and it’s not surprising. They managed to simplify screen recording like no one else before. Simple chrome extension, 2 clicks and you’re already recording. After you finish the video, they copy the link automatically to your clipboard with a ready to watch the video. You can even comment under the video and receive notifications when others watch it. Has great integration with Trello, Gmail or Slack.


When I record a video that is not only to my team or where quality matters more, I use Camtasia most of the times. It’s a paid software, but proven to work well, I can blur, cut and put captures easily. Can record system voice as well, can easily change where my face is shown etc. Overall a good software for both recording and editing. 


I use this for recording when I expect to have fewer edits or want to do more advanced things. Very powerful software and completely free. You can also stream to Facebook or Youtube directly from it.


Golightstream is my go-to software to create FB lives. It left me once in trouble, so I have a bit mixed feeling about it, but is a great tool to use if you do an interview format live. My interview with ActiveChat founder, Andrii Ganin was recorded by this for example.


There are screenshot tools everywhere but not many make it to the level as Lightshot did. Simple, fast and powerful. I just shake my hand when people send me a link to a screenshot in Messenger. With Lightshot I can just use my keyboard for copy paste and there you go, an image directly digestible in the chat (or email, support chats, Asana, Documents, FB posts etc.).

You can also upload the image to the internet with one click, after editing a few things on it. The only thing missing properly is a blurring feature, so I either use Evernote (or Photoshop) for that or just go ‘ugly’ and make it unreadable with the default red color.

Webcam, Microphone

For recording video, I use Logitech C920, which I believe have an even better version now. It’s recommended by almost every youtuber and marketer out there that don’t use a dedicated DSLR camera for recording.

When it comes to the microphone, I went with a dynamic microphone (picking up the voice only from the front). I use Samson Q2U, which has both USB and analog cable.

Automation Tools


Integromat is a really powerful tool for connecting different software without needing to use any codes. They have a generous free plan and work really well with chatbots. It covers greatly some of the things that are missing from the industry leader, Zapier. Go ahead and register now.

You can do things like dynamically bring data into chatbots based on other tools, or create calendar entries, trigger email sequences, send out an SMS to notify you about a hot lead etc.

So many things would be hard to describe…


Zapier is the most known software for connecting different tools. They have over 1000 software in their arsenal. I have a video comparing it with Integromat here:


IFTTT is another similar tool, but it’s always free for the end user. Applets can trigger a bit slower. For Chatbot Tutorial, for example, it automatically posts on Twitter when I post a new video on Youtube. You can do many things related to smart homes as well.

Website Related


My hosting provider to make sure I have a fast and reliable website. It’s very affordable and support is quite decent. You get $15 extra credit to start with.


ThriveThemes is what we have on this site, Chatbot Tutorial. Fast and reliable themes and tools when it comes to WordPress websites.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is another website builder and theme I use for WordPress. You can have an unlimited license for a one time fee only.

Online Marketing

Pretty much everything can be categorized as an online marketing tool here, but here are a few others that weren’t mentioned before.

Email tools

I personally use Mailchimp, it comes with a generous free plan and also the paid version is quite reasonable (not even closed to the value when you compare it to chatbots though).
ActiveCampaign is a bit more powerful I believe and many marketers vote for it.

For e-commerce, my recommendation is Klaviyo, very powerful tool to use with your shop.

Push notification

I use (well not really often, just realized I haven’t used it during my launch…) OneSignal. It’s free, easy to set up and give you another list.

SMS marketing

Twilio – The biggest tool when it comes to sending out SMS in bulk.


I use Rebrandly – I set my links (also, on this page as well) with my branded domain (even on the free plan). Unlike on bitly, people cannot see my statistics publicly, and I can change the destination url.

I’ve also got Joturl recommended that I’m still yet to try out.


Communication Online


This is where I have my weekly coaching calls for my students. You can record, schedule meeting, share screens (even take the control over), annotate etc. The free plan supports group calls up to 40 minutes, 1on1 calls can go longer. People can also join via phone calls.

Facebook Messenger

Quite obvious you might say. Very easy to use both on desktop and mobile, great quality voice calls and easy to send images, videos and voice notes as well. You can install a plugin for your browser to be able to share your screen as well (only when the camera is on).


Love and hate relationship with this one, very bad synchronization to the phone. Easy to share screen and many people use it. Hard to copy messages.

Team Viewer

A bit old school software (I remember using it back in 2008). I only use it for a student of mine who is in a country, where most of the tools (including Zoom) are blocked.


Slack is a truly powerful chat platform for your team. You can create multiple channels inside and keep discussions to the topics. The host of many bot applications, such as Janis. You can integrate other tools in it easily, for example, I answer Asana comments right from Slack.

G Suite

This is probably the easiest way to get a professional looking email address, ending in your brand name. A well-known interface comes with the aforementioned Google Drive (30GB on the smallest package). Starts from $6/user/month.


If I need to make overseas phone calls, I usually use VoipConnect. The voice quality is decent (far from good though) and is very cheap.

Online Productivity

This is a big topic, as a productivity nerd, I have quite a few hours into research for this. Generally, you want to make sure you utilize your time the best, it’s pretty much your only asset that you can’t get back after losing. These are just some of the tools I use, without additional other hacks and tips that I’ve come across over the years working in front of a computer.

For time tracking and categorizing your time spent online

RescueTimer – goes in the background and provides you feedback on time spent across the different applications, websites. You cannot BS yourself after having this on.

Tmetric – if you want to extra track your time, to bill it to clients or to group certain projects together, this is a really handy tool. You can set reminders if you don’t track the time, integrates well with Google Docs or Asana.


This is a tool that not many are aware of, but oh boy, this helps me so much. You have access to all your previous copy pasted texts, images etc. So I can just quickly do a few screenshots and not having to worry about where it’s saved as I’ll have the history later on. Or if you accidentally copy paste another thing before using the old one, it’s there for you 🙂



It helps me out with grammar and spelling. As a non-native speaker, I highly recommend it to everyone. It even comes up with synonyms, so can be really valuable to every user regardless of the English level. Here is a live example of it.

Fun fact: This image was posted by a simple copy-paste after capturing it with Lightshot and storing it in CopyQ (I did not save it extra while writing, and had to look up among my latest copied items (was on the 160th place since yesterday….)

It’s claimed to use AI for brain productivity. It works well, especially if I have some resistance to do certain tasks. enables you to set certain rules that you might tend to cross. For me, there’s automation to lock myself out of the laptop at certain night hours. I’ve realized that I’m way less productive after a long day, and tend to not use time as efficiently. Besides you need to sleep at night and respect the circadian circle.

It can limit the time on certain apps, websites, even periodically (for example 10 minutes per hour on Facebook).

Another feature I use is forced breaks, to stand up a stretch a bit for example.

A similar one I used is ColdTurkey, but it used a lot of resources with a new update, hope it’s fixed already though.

Calendar booking

I use both Calendly and 10to8 for these purposes, both integrated with chatbots. 10to8 has a very generous free plan and has 2way Zapier integration without a need for premium as well. Sending out SMS, Messenger or email reminders are automated that way and you don’t want to spend too much time figuring out when the other party has time anyway, especially when you’re located in different time zones.

Bluelight filter

I used to use flux for many years, but now I just go with the built-in tools by Windows and Android. I set the time for after 9 pm it should filter out the blue lights, making sure that my melatonin production is not completely messed up.

Payments, Finances


A pretty obvious choice, available in most countries, I’m not really happy with its fees but the easiness and fastness make this (originally Elon Musk’s) creation popular and widespread.


Available in most developed countries, easy to use for credit card payments.


Thrivecart is an amazing cart solution that I use. You can integrate both Paypal and Stripe with it, give discount codes, set affiliates etc. Great for upsales, down sales, OTOs etc. I did both extra website or embedded checkout page for them, you can put custom code snippets on it so putting up a FB live chat widget on the sales pages became a no-brainer for me, also makes it easier to retarget with Facebook pixels. I just love it. And you can still get it using this link for a one-time fee.


A hugely undervalued online wallet. It works in places where Paypal has issues (for example some Arabic countries or Ukraine). I believe it’s free to send transfers over it, and you can get a card to use your balance (unlike Stripe or PayPal). You can have multiple currencies, and it does not force you to change to our home countries’ currency (unlike Stripe or PayPal). I wish more people would Payoneer, to be honest.


Transferwise is another great payment account for across board transactions. Well connected with local bank accounts and has low conversion rates.