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Top Messenger Marketing Updates July 2019

July is not only getting us prepared for the big Facebook changes in August that we’ve reported in June’s changes but also is bringing the deadline of the long-awaited page-level subscription broadcast permission change. 

July was the last month that pages could send out subscription messages without special permission from Facebook. Some of the changes reflect that as you’ll see.

If you’ve followed our blog, this should not bring any change to you, if you’re new to this, this is how you can send messages via Facebook for free.


Link clicks reopen the 24-hour window

“ links now reopen the 24hr window within existing threads. When a person clicks an link that contains a ref parameter and is taken into an existing thread, it will now reopen the 24hr standard messaging window. This will allow apps powering Pages to reply to people based on the context that the ref parameter provides.”


It makes it easier to reopen the 24-hour (promotion friendly) window once you have someone subscribed to your page. This is a highly logical step, more like of a correction on the previous suboptimal regulation. I’ve actually recently discussed this with Recart co-founder, Soma Toth, glad to see that the Messenger team is open for suggestions.


New deadlines


From October 29, you won’t be able to use the following features:

  • Location sharing via quick replies – (should be a better solution later on)
  • The built-in Share via Messenger button (there are other ways at this)
  • Messenger Codes ( QR codes are perfect substitutes)




Like every month, ActiveChat did not disappoint this month either coming up with a lot of new updates.

• Server Health checker

You are welcome to subscribe to our server status page, just to be sure that all is okay.


• SMS block

This block allows you to send direct SMS to your clients (if Twillio is connected).

“In the nearest future, we will add more services like Twilio so you will be able to choose the most suitable solution for you.”


• Chat widget code

This feature is now combined with website tracking. It is recommended to refresh the “Settings – General” page (clear the cache) and replace the old tracking code with the new improved pixel. The page loading speed will improve as well as the user will get the ability to switch between different widget options right from bot settings (not in the code anymore).




• General page redesign

All embed codes are now built into one. The user can use one AC master code and control everything from What’s more, all chat widget settings will be in ‘General’ page which is now a one-stop destination for all the bot setup


• Billing update

Billing is now a separate tab where the user can manage their card details, plan and calculate approximate price for the upcoming month according to the number of the bot users.

Note from the AC team: they are not storing any credit card information. All billing details (including credit card info) is collected by and stored in Stripe (one of our recommended tools) only.


• Google Search

You can now perform a search in Google Sheet starting from a particular row by using ”start row” field. This was the case in the old version as well, so now it’ even better.


• WordPress plugin

Color settings and FB widget settings were removed from the plugin. Minor bugs were fixed as well. Now the user can customize chat widget settings from ‘General’ page at


• Platform Stability

The developer team is fixing minor bugs all the time making the platform run smoothly before the release of AC v2. Make sure to stay tuned!

New pricing




Four changes coming from Chatfuel this month. Make sure to keep up with the Messenger updates some of which result in CF altering their existing features.

• Subscription Tag for Broadcasts & Sequences

Messaging Tags are now presented differently to help the user choose the best tags for their messages. Update Tag is not and will not be affected. If the user has permissions from Facebook for Page-level Subscription Messaging, they still can send messages under the Subscription Tag right from their dashboard. If the user does not have such permissions, they can also still use the Update Tag and send Sponsored Messages.

Make sure to check out the best tagging practices and details about Page-level Subscription Messaging to know more.




• Plugin Panel


It has been renewed and divided into a few categories, including:

  • Add & Send Content
  • Collect User Data
  • Export & Import
  • Redirect Users
  • Connect Users to a Human
  • Plugins with Subscriptions


Also, the icons have also been updated to make the usage of them more aesthetically pleasing 😊




• Actions for Button Clicks with URL

Now, the user can choose which action will be taken after the client has opened the URL provided in the icon. This means redirecting the client to other blocks/sequences.

This has been a feature I’ve personally requested over a year ago, great to see it coming together. This is a really great addition. You’ll be able to track and utilize any click information in the future. 



Dialogflow comes with two changes this month. Warning: only for those who don’t fear a bit of code 🙂 

  • It’s now possible to create and update agents with the API. Not to go too much into detail, everything about REST and RPC is explained thoroughly in the provided documentation.
  • DF is launching a BETA of Auto speech adaptation. The purpose is to improve the speech recognition accuracy by using agent information and conversation state as speech context hints. Details for nerds, again, in the documentation 😊


This month, we’re also featuring Integromat changes as their developer team introduced a few updates foreshadowing what we should expect to see in Integromat 2.0.

Basic ‘folders’ functionality

Mainly, it’ll serve to organize scenarios. It is to be replaced by an advanced version with, just to mention a few, permissions management and sharing in Integromat 2.0



Reverting scenarios

It is now possible to remove recent changes from a scenario much simpler than it was before when you had to do everything manually.





Here, the developer team focus on Flow Builder and both updates introduce new possibilities in that platform segment.

• Planned New actions

Just a sneak peek into the upcoming new platforms, send SMS and send Email actions will be added to the bot builder.


• Triggers

Growth Tools, Keywords, and Rules can now all be put inside Flows. With the new Create Menu in Flow Builder, the user can create a Growth Tool on the canvas and connect it to the ‘start’. A rule or a special keyword will trigger this flow and, what’s more, you can add as many triggers as you wish! And rename them, all in one place.

Here, a note from ManyChat: 

„Existing growth tools, keywords, and rules that connected to a flow will automatically appear inside it now. Everything will still work fine.”

• Dynamic block

New property was added and it allows the user to ask ManyChat to handle the next subscriber’s text message on their side.  

• Public API

New method was added that allows the user to get your Facebook page information.  


Mobile Monkey

One major update from MM this month – a Live Chat inbox. Now the customer service handover from bot to human rep is much faster and way smoother. Game changer update for sure.



You can see all your conversations in the inbox, along with info about your contacts including:


That was it for July. Which one do you like the most? Did we miss anything?
Let us know in the comments!


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