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Top Messenger Marketing Updates June 2019

Facebook introduced some summer changes then there are our regular bot builders coming out with some amazing updates. Click here if you’ve missed our May Messenger updates.


Facebook has announced some changes in the first half of the month that are affecting businesses utilizing Messenger bots. The main objective is to make the Messenger app lighter, so some of the current features will be removed or changed.

9 App Changes

– Quick reply location sharing

It won’t be available in the current form, there are plans to develop another version later. Facebook suggests asking directly the address or ZIP code of the user.

– Share button

This definitely makes it a bit harder to help user’s do WoM marketing for our clients (or us). As the forward option stays there, it’s still relatively easy to have users share the content of our bot, but we have fewer options to make it prominent.

– Begin share flow

This is the consequence of the previous point, no easy way to send a personalized message with the shared content.

– Share to Messenger

This will be limited to the native device options.

– Messenger Codes

Messenger’s camera won’t be able to read these anymore, FB is pushing us to use QR links for links. If you’ve followed our advice from the start, you have probably had QR codes already instead of Messenger codes.

– Vertical List

This content display type won’t be available anymore. We were never a fan of it, as it’s not the best user experience. Solution: use gallery cards.

– Persistent Menu

It will be showcased differently. As we understand the first layer will be more emphasized and the nested menu will be displayed in a flat list. Curious how it will look like in practice.

– Playing Songs

No more native opportunity via the Graph api. When a user clicks on the song that is shared in Messenger, the user will be directed to the audio streaming platform’s website or app.

– User’s Bot Reviews
It will be removed and won’t be accessible to the page owners anymore, most likely there will be another way to give feedback to Facebook about the user experience regarding that exact page.

Page level subscription

Starting July 31th (yes, they pushed out the deadline), it will be mandatory to have Facebook’s permission for sending out non-promotional subscription messages. You can find here more information on how to submit your page for Facebook page level submission.



  • Audio and Speech Recognition

Users can now “talk” to your website. Audio and speech recognition allows users to have hands free communication with your bot.

Just go to “Advanced settings” in “Settings – Messengers – Chat widget” and click “Voice input – Enable” (don’t forget to save settings when you’re done). The small microphone icon will appear in your message input field in chat widget, and once it’s clicked everything that your users say will be recognized as speech and sent to your bot as a regular message.

  • Media and File Blocks

          Media Block

You can display some media files in chat. First of all, let’s try a media block, you can put video and audio files in media block, by inserting an absolute (direct) link to the target file.

After this, you should validate your file -simply click on that ‘validate’ button. You can also set a Title of your file. By the way the format of the file will be displayed in the chat.

If all is ok – you will see confirmation that format of the file and the file size is valid. User will receive media and will be able to play it with native (native for the messenger) media player.

 File Block

With the help of this one, you can send different files to your users (gif,zip,pdf,jpeg). Let’s check it with our WordPress media files.

We have some media files in WP like image, for example:

We’ll need this URL to upload this image to our bot, so as you guessed, we paste it here and click “validate”

Now we should check how that image will appear in the chat

As a file, when we open it, it should appear in a new tab


So as long as you’re using an absolute link, which is a hyperlink containing a full URL, which includes all the information needed to find a particular site, page or document or other addressable items on the Internet… everything will work.




  • New UI

Dialog flow has updated the interface of the Action Console. Improved the navigation pattern that allows the user for faster access to sections and better developer experience.


  • JSON Plug-In Changes

Chatfuel has made changes with their JSON Plug-In. Older integrations aren’t affected. But if you are gonna deploy new integrations here are the new steps to follow.

Now you can add headers to your API requests. 🎉

This can replace the old way of manually typing and selecting user attributes.

Here’s an example by

{“input”: {“text”:”{{last user freeform input}}”},”first_name”: “{{first name}}”,”last_name”:”{{last name}}”,”gender”:”{{gender}}”,”locale”:”{{locale}}”,”timezone”:”{{timezone}}”}

It should look like this.  (Once you move your cursor or select something outside of the UI)



For testing, there’s a new Test the Request button as well.


  • Agency Commissions Page

For agencies, Manychat added a special page will all the pages with revenue sharing and corresponding commissions.

Mobile Monkey

  •      Handover Protocol

MobileMonkey supports handing off a conversation to another Facebook Messenger App via the Facebook Handover Protocol.

Note: MobileMonkey MUST be designated as the Primary Receiver in order for this to work.

If a conversation is handed off to another app, MobileMonkey will automatically reclaim it after 30 minutes of inactivity in the chat. This means that a contact who comes back to your Facebook Page after some time will be routed back to your MobileMonkey Chatbot.

  • Promo Blaster

For pro accounts only. Promo blaster is a paid service that allows you to run adds or messages directly to your subscribers. Can reach people even if they are on the 24+1 rule. You can customize the dialog that the bot will send out and you can choose your budget.

  • Zapier Templates

You can now add Zapier templates in Mobile Monkey

  • Add Widgets

You can now add widgets before existing widgets. To make bot building more creative and fun for you and your clients.


  •    Updates to List Templates

Facebook has let us know about some upcoming changes in the Facebook Messenger platform that we wanted to share with you:

“During F8 this year, we announced our plans to launch a lighter, better and simpler Messenger designed to build closer connections between people and businesses. As part of these efforts to thoughtfully prioritize features that best deliver this experience, we are announcing an additional set of feature changes to the Messenger Platform. ”

Vertical list templates will no longer be supported effective August 15th, 2019. Please make any changes necessary prior to August 15th.




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