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Messenger Marketing Updates October 2019

October brought many updates, some of them I wish we had for the last 3 years as well…

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  • Private Replies

Private Replies are now improved! They used to only allow plain text to be sent. Now, businesses can also send images, templates and quick replies as part of messages sent in response to a post or comment on their Page.


This is a big improvement and is helping us to reduce friction. Been waiting for this for 3 years.

  • Dynamic Persistent Menu and Composer

With this beta, apps will be able to dynamically change the persistent menu and the visibility of the composer, providing relevant menu options at different points in the customer’s journey. Developers and partners can sign up for this closed beta here.

This can make our development work a bit more complex but the user experience much better. Great update.

  • URL Buttons Have App Link Support

We’re improving mobile integration capabilities in Messenger by introducing App Link Support for URL buttons. Now when people click URL buttons with the App Link metadata, it will enable developers and businesses to provide a button that will directly open the target native app.

So far there were issues with links not opening properly the Apps. Not anymore 🙂

  • Handover protocol and clicking to Messenger ads

It was improved to make it easier for businesses that have multiple apps connected to the Messenger platform to dynamically select the app that they want to use for their click to Messenger ads.

  • Ice Breakers

They are to reduce friction in starting a conversation by surfacing common questions or topics of interest. Businesses can now set icebreakers on their Messenger profile via the API.

Source: Facebook

  • Webhooks for user reactions and message replies

It is now possible to receive webhook events when users react or reply to messages from businesses.

Source: Facebook

  • Filter for admin text

Admin texts are messages sent by Messenger during conversations between people and businesses. We are now adding a filter to the thread API to allow apps to request messages without them.



The AC team is working on v2.0 so for October we only have the following announcement:

The Roadmap in AC was updated. The plan is to have it updated entirely before the end of November 2019. Hopefully there won’t be any additional delay. So far, we know the following features are under development:

  1. V2 Interface (Better UX and making it easier for those new to chatbots to start building)


  1. Facebook Comments Growth Tool (Enable your bot(s) to send personal messages to users commenting on specific posts on your Facebook Page)).



  • Inline stats

It was designed to help the user gauge the performance of different blocks in their bot.

  • Emojis

A built-in emoji picker has been added to make adding emojis simpler. All you need to do is type your message and add chosen emojis with just one click 😉



  • Calling the API to provide an intent priority value

The behavior has changed to the following:


  • If the supplied value is unspecified or 0, the service translates the value to 500,000, which corresponds to the Normal priority in the console.
  • If the supplied value is negative, the intent is ignored in runtime detect intent requests.

Prior to this change, a value of 0 was stored as-is by the service. Any agents created before this change may still have intent priority values of 0. For runtime detect intent requests, a value of 0 is treated as -1, and the intent is ignored.

  • Session entities with fulfillment

You can now create session entities with fulfillment.

  • Disabling automatic agent training

You can now disable automatic agent training. See the ML settings for details.



  • Сolors and logo

Now available in the QR code generator.

  • New subscriber info variables

Available via API, MC added: optin_phone, phone, optin_email, email.

  • Multi-Channel Broadcasting

Now available for all users! Broadcasting via SMS and Email has been made much simpler. Why pick one when you can pick all three mediums to broadcast? 🙂




Mobile Monkey

There have been 4 updates to Mobile Monkey this month.

  •  UI update
  • Flow

The concept of Flow was added to the FB comment guard.

  • Mobile app

Now, you can have MM on your phone! Available both in the Appstore and PlayStore.

  • Customer Chat widget

It was added along with a feature enabling the user to customize inside it.







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    Hi, thank you for sharing. The article helps me a lot. There is one question. I sign up for Dynamic Persistent Menu and Composer, but no reply from FB. How could I know if it is successful?

    • Balint says:

      Hi Eva, have you received anything back from FB yet? I never expect them to actually answer anything, but I’m not sure if they would unless you’re fully approved. At least, that’s the way with many other situations, where they might take even months to reply.

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