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8 Impressive Messenger Updates from F8

If you didn’t know, Facebook is currently showcasing the F8 (the annual developer conference) and I’ve dug out 8 nuggets that I wanted to share with you.


Update 1:

By far the most important update for us is. . .

The app review has finally reopened!

I’m excited to say, you now have the freedom to deploy Bots once again.

So get bot-building 🙂


Update 2:

A few surprising statistics were unveiled, like the fact: “there has now been over 8 billion messages sent between users and businesses”.

That’s a lot. And that’s spread across the 300,000+ bots that are said to be active right now.

This means there are 3 times as many chatbots than there were last year, so the trend is catching on fast (don’t leave it too late to jump on the bandwagon).

Update 3:

Despite there being 3x as many chatbots this year, we saw a stellar example for Messenger open-rates of 90%! And it is not an exception.

This is massive, if you still haven’t added a chatbot to your business, it’s certainly not too late.

We’re just getting started, and you don’t want to miss out on the ridiculously high open-rates that Messenger Marketing can bring for your business.


Update 4:

There is now augmented reality (AR) support in Messenger.

This has got me hyped (especially after Ready Player One),  and the demo they presented was of Nike’s new chatbot.

Basically you can go out into real life and ‘catch’ Nike sneakers — Pokemon Go style.

Nike then grants you the honor of being able to purchase the sneakers that you found. Or you can just save money and make-believe that the AR sneakers are real.

Crazy potential here. Next we got . . .


Update Numero 5:

No, I don’t speak Spanish, but Messenger brought out ‘automatic translation’.

If you’re chatting with a foreigner, you can now set it so every message is translated into your home language.

Just shows how Facebook are breaking through the barriers of communication, and “making the world more open and connected” as they say.

This also opens up the potential to use Messenger Marketing with customers in non-English speaking countries.


Update 6:

Dark mode enabled in Messenger.

This is a great update for the night owls who stay up into the early morning on their phones and don’t want to get eye strain.

Looking at a bright screen before sleeping also keeps your body awake for longer, so this should counteract that problem (check out Flux as well for your laptop).


Update 7:

Sleep mode enabled in Messenger.

They also made updates to the ‘Messenger Kids’ app to stop children staying up past the watershed.


Update 8:

Finally, Facebook is bringing out a simplified UI app update.

They’re tweaking Messenger to have a more simple and clean look for all the minimalists out there.

It’ll make the app a bit faster too.


So there you go, a handful of exciting updates, let’s hope for more in the next few days.

I’m really stoked about the future and how fast chatbots are catching on.

Messenger Marketing is only going to get bigger with the app review open once again — so make sure you stay ahead of the curve . . .

And a fantastic way to do this is to join our free Messenger Marketing Video Course.


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