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Updates May 2019

In May three chatbot platforms – ActiveChat, Chatfuel and MobileMonkey – were the ones to surprise their users with their updates.  There are a little less than last month but you still May find them interesting (pun intended 😉 )!


  •      Bye Bye Buy

The ‘buy’ button is officially announced to be deleted by 15th of August 2019 in order to make Messenger faster. It is a small step towards eliminating Messenger Lite as discussed in the April updates article following the F8 2019. So now it is crucial to start redirecting your potential clients to an external checkout page.


Credit: Andrew Demeter


ActiveChat strikes in May with all its force, presenting a lot of new features and updates! Here are the most important ones:

  •      Timer block update

It can be used for e.g. scheduling events. A recent update also added Stop button to it. As advised by the developer team, the manual will tell you everything you need to know about TIMER blocks, creating delays, drip campaigns, and urgency!

  •       Chat Widget updates

Most importantly, markdown was added (only links and basic text formatting). The syntax used is identical to the one used in Telegram. Moreover, some minor bugs were fixed e.g. long messages in preview and button click animation. Now you can also customize the color, mode and font of the Chat Widget. And finally, there is a stable Gallery supported in it!

  •      Landing page

From now on, each bot will have its own landing page which you can find by following this path: Bot -> Settings -> Grow tools -> landing page -> Chat Widget Landing URL.

  •    WordPress plugin

The official AC WordPress plugin is available now in WordPress plugin marketplace. Since the release, some minor bugs were fixed and the fullscreen mode was enabled. All the user has to do is switch a full-screen toggle position and put a link on the page where they want to see Bot Landing.

  •       Google Sheet Multisearch

This tool was added to expand the user’s search by putting conditions like more than, less than, equal to or not equal to.

  •    SMTP update

Now personalized emails can be sent, like From: Tom <example.tom@mail.com>. Also, the field “From” was added.

Additionally, the AC team announced a few more features for the coming months:

1)     Voice input is to be possible

2)     Broadcasts (almost there)

3)     “Attachment” block allowing to send mp3, videos or documents to users


In Chatfuel, four major updates sprang up in May.

  •    Handover Protocol

It is now supported by CF and allows the user to manage bot conversations from other apps like e.g. Zendesk. If you need a Hand(over) go straight to the manual 😊

  •    Blocks map

Alpha-version of blocks map has been released for testing purposes and has been announced to soon be introduced for everyone.

  •    A/B testing plugin

The first version of A/B testing plugin is out. Make sure to check it out and leave the developers some useful feedback so that everyone can make the most of it!😊


This month MobileMonkey team made some small yet noticeable updates.

  •       Alerts and notification

Here mainly the Comment Guard feature and notification about the bot’s status (Active/Inactive) have been updated. Seems simple but we’re dropping some further reference in case of any possible questions 😊

  •    Widget bar

This feature of the bot builder is no longer here! Widget bar was replaced by the in-context widget adder (see picture below).


Summing up, that’s all for May. We got a lot of announcements about further changes so make sure to stay tuned for June! 😊

Which one is your favorite?

Did I miss anything significant?

Let me know in the comments!


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