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Messenger Marketing Updates September

September is the beginning of the school year which means a lot of new material to study. And it’s no different when it comes to chatbot platforms – they’ve also provided us with a lot of fresh features to delve into 🙂


Slightly fewer news from Activechat this month, no wonder, V2 IS ABOUT TO COME!

But for now, let’s look into the v1 updates that we can (hopefully) expect in the later versions.


  • Tags and broadcasts

A brand new broadcasting feature and support for user tags is finally here.
Starting with the tags – it is now possible to add and remove tags with corresponding “Add tag” and “Remove tag” blocks. They can be found in the “Data category. The applied tags can be found in the list of users.
Moving on to the broadcasts – they support Facebook message tags now and we can target them by user tags or variables.
Texts and button names are bound to change due to some minor UI fixes announced by the AC developer team. 



This month we received two changes from Chatfuel – one major one for all of us and one especially for the nerds.


  • A/B Test plugin

A feature freshly introduced by the CF team, enabling us – users to conduct experiments on flow versions. To put it simply, now we’ll be able to compare which messages work best for the target audience. It’s a tool to calculate and improve conversions, the application of which you can find on CF’s youtube channel.

  • JSON API change

For interested programmers, CF has removed the ‘List PLugin’ example due to its deprecation by Facebook API as said by the documentation. Further information is to be found in the documentation.


Three updates coming from Dialogflow team this month:

  • Agent Validation

A beta version of this agent was launched to check your agent for quality and correctness.

  • Entities

It is now possible to use Regexp entities to provide regular expressions for matching entities and Fuzzy matching to allow flexibility with word ordering for multi-word entities.

  • Extension

System entity extension can now be used to extend system entities with custom values.



This month our bot octopus comes with seven big changes – a few integrations and UI oriented surprises  🙂

  • Google Sheets Integration
    Now you can update your spreadsheet’s rows with data from ManyChat. This allows you to search for a value in the selected column, and update a row with this value. You just need to select the “Update Row” action in your Flow, select a spreadsheet, column and lookup value and you are ready to go! It’s very easy now to update any information about your subscribers and many other things. And if a row contains a value that you don’t plan to update with data from ManyChat it will be simply left as it is.
  • Condition Node improvements

Now you can drag condition blocks and drop them in the sidebar to change their order. To make sure not to skip anything important checkbox was made case sensitive – upper and lowercase letters can be set as the same or leave the condition case sensitive.

Also “current time” System Field was created to help out with using happy hours or any other automation logic that depends on the current time.

Finally, we don’t have to scroll so much! Custom and System Fields can be found using a simple ‘find by name’ search form. 

  • ActiveCampaign Integration

No third-party integrations are needed now! Now you can connect the existing Active Campaign account (Settings -> Integration) and use Add Contact Action (ActiveCampaign Actions) inside your flow.

  • PayPal Integration.

Accept payments through the PayPal integration is here! Everything you need is a PayPal Business account and a bunch of customers 😉

  •  Shopify Abandoned Cart Integration

Now, Shopify online-store owners can follow-up their customers after they added something to the cart but didn’t buy.

To do it go to Integrations (Settings -> Integrations). Enter your Shopify store address and tap the: ‘Connect Shopify Account’ button. Finally, in Shopify click the ‘Install unlisted app’ button. And that’s all! 


  • SMS and Email!

A single interface and different mediums – now you can adapt to your customer’s preference. Just go to settings and then to Email/SMS and activate it. As soon as you get user consent from your subscribers, all you need to do is create Email/SMS in the flow builder and test it in preview. Now it’s ready to be sent! 🙂

Note from the developers:  We made the new system fields for SMS&Email. You cannot use your current phones/emails from CUF’s.

Let us drop a few hints from MC: SMS user consent request, Email user consent request, Email help article, SMS help article and finally introducing video.



  • Zapier integration

A new Zapier action called Send Dynamic Message to User was added. It allows admins to send messages with dynamic content right from Zapier. 

  • BONUS: Announcements

Let’s quickly recap what we’re waiting for in the next few months:

  •  ManyChat Mobile App
  •  Paid Message Broadcasting
  •  Tags & CUFs Dependency Double-Check
  •  Better Flow Builder
  •  Dashboard 1.1
  •  Date/Time and Number Formatting
  •  All Posts Growth Tool
  •  Condition improvements
  • LiveChat : Send Flow To User




Quite a few hot news from MM in September:

  • Left menu 

Now Inbox/Live Chat is the major point of the menu. To make onboarding and internationalization possible, elements of jargon were removed. Additionally, bot building was assigned to ‘advanced’ tasks.

  • Chatbot Checklist

This feature shows the user’s newest leads.


  • Widget and UI 

The right sidebar was removed. Quick Question user experience was also fixed after some issues earlier this month. There is now more alignment between Quick Question and Text widgets. Moreover, new widget styles now have better error states.

  • Comment Guard StartBot!

We believe it is self-explanatory 😉


  • Default messages

Now they are suppressed in case the user keeps asking unanswerable questions.



Aaaaaand that’s all for September. Make sure to get your head around all the news and get ready for October ‘spooky’ surprises! 🎃



Which one is your favorite?

Did I miss anything significant?

Let me know in the comments!



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