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Welcome to the Chatbot Podcast!

Balint Pataki, the founder of Chatbottutorial.com, invites industry experts to discuss bots, chatbots, smart automation and Messenger marketing. On this show, you will learn about several bot and chatbot builders, tools and different chat platforms. We will share our best practices for designing your Messenger bot and create an engaging conversational copy.

Balint is passionate about marketing; some episodes will combine his and his guests’ experiences about Messenger bot marketing, Facebook Messenger list building, and chatbot marketing. Some guests will be the founders and creators of famous bots, who are more than happy to share what they’ve learned during their journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about chatbots, want to create your own, or are looking to improve and market your own chatbot, stay tuned for our episodes. Listen to our free podcast by clicking below and subscribing. You can also submit your questions.


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