012 – Alexa Skills with Invocable (Storyline) – with Vasili Shynkarenka | Chatbot Tutorial

012 – Alexa Skills with Invocable (Storyline) – with Vasili Shynkarenka

Today we talk with Vasili Shynkarenka about creating Alexa Skills using Storyline. Our guest stands behind one of the best Alexa Skills builder companies “Storyline“.

From now on the podcast is available via Amazon Alexa as well, just say ‘listen to the Chatbot Podcast’ and you can listen to the latest episode. A search function may be added in the future.

We not only talk about a future but also discuss how you can have your 1st Alexa skill up and running, within 10 minutes without any knowledge of programming languages.

Lots to learn to here, give a listen below:

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Voice is going to be over primarily interface and how interact with technology in the next five to ten years welcome to the chat pod podcast the place where we talk about BOTS artificial intelligence smart automation and messenger marketing we value our time and enjoy when technology makes our lives easier and now your host but lint Fatah key welcome everyone this is episode number 12 and the very first one that airs on Alexa and there is a big reason for that our guest today is the guy behind one of the best Alexa skill builder companies Vasiliy from story line is giving us amazing insights of the word of voice applications and we not only talk about the future but also discuss how you can have your first Alexa skill up and running within 10 minutes without any knowledge of programming languages I guess you’re excited now so without further ado welcome to the show Vasili Shynkarenka thank you very for accepting my invitation and joining us on the podcast can you please introduce yourself really quickly for the listeners who don’t yell you yeah yeah yeah sure so first of all thanks so much for having me I really appreciate that so my name is no solution parent I’m one of the co-founders and CEO of Invocable (storyline) we make it easy to create apps or skills for Amazon Alexa without writing code and Invocable (storyline) is already the biggest tool on the market so we power more than half solve and elect skills in this floor wow I’m really excited about this because I’m a newbie when it comes to voice bots and kanuk call them voice box or they have I think we can call them apps like every big company calls them like they want so for Microsoft they’re apps for Amazon there are skills for Google there are actions but I think we can go with that yeah okay and if we come from the like the whole chat bot both cast background is it still a chatbot or where would you put it uh you can say like your boys water but I don’t think it’s it’s a good name there isn’t anyone to use apps is because so app is a much more flexible term and you can basically like the biggest use case for voices content it’s a Content is and especially like one-way delivery we are so for example of flashing when you when you activate your everything you hear some music from accent and you cannot say anything back so that is not Abad actually right it’s kind of like a one-way content that you can Prince you so that’s why I think that our apps is much better term okay thank you so is voice better or what did attract what was the main throwing force for you to get into this space is it more like the future or how is it different from a written communication and chatbots first I would say that I think that voice is voiced which really is the oldest method natural interface right so we’ve been using it like four million years or something like that and from that perspective I think it’s easier to people to talk and to write right and especially for people who are not familiar with that so it’s much easier for them to like say something and make the computer do something or using their voice than just like writing commands so I don’t know I was really inspired like by the Star Trek experience or you know like when when they were controlling computers using the sound of their voice and that was really amazing and that’s that looked like a future when I was a kid when I was watching Star Trek so now this feature is here and it’s happening right now and it’s really exciting to be a part of this future and I really like that you have the ear pods in because that’s another step for the future in a way like I see people running around the street and answering emails later on yeah when when does it happen what do you think is that going to be a mainstream thing or more like weird nerd thing that people do so I think that voice is going to be your primary interface and how interact with technology in the next five to ten years I think later than this we’ll have some sort of neural interface but for the next 5-10 years I think this is going to be like they primarily interface and how you do things and how you command how you send commands to your smart home to basically anything in Episode five we’ve talked about conversational copy and topic of voice interfaces I came up as well and we discussed that how it’s in different life situations so there are situations where you cannot use your voice you can still type but in other cases you would prefer to use voice right yes especially if you are only if you need to process some very very intimate information right you’re not going to tell it out loud to everyone so there are not like I think there is not one solution that see it’s everything in everyone right so I think that for most things worse is really good inconvenience like telling the commands to your Alexa for example that is on your desk your kitchen in your beds or integrate me into your car that is really really convenient and just using like voice so for example I I really like the recent comp or that they put out like term where the girl comes into the house and she says like Siri plain is something they would like I think this is this is the ultimate experience they’ve actually tried that and that works really well I don’t know how do they do that but it actually works so cerium somehow chooses the right tracks for you and the right time and do this right okay so something like that but that works very well so I think that’s later on you will have some sort of well actually I think we’ll go away from using invocation names to kind of call apps right so right now I have to say like that likes to open something to open the app and I think that actually started doing that with a thing called can fulfill requests and fulfill it pant which actually what it does is that you say the commands as a request so for example like like so my t-shirt is dirty or something like that right and then Alexis takes the right out for you so that is how it’s going to work in the future and you will have access to your assistants everywhere you know using your headphones or example like this or any other headphones or integrated into your smart phone or any other device chat oh great so basically Alexa distributes all the little intense we have and if it’s the direction yeah yeah that’s how it works yeah some people call it a god bots but I don’t want to push the idea of bots now let’s just say with the apps and it’s easy to relate to you in terms of writing for voice developing for voice compared to written communication you are a little bit more limited but more free in different terms so for example we experienced that there is less room to failure if we give predefined options and basically buttons for the users and we have invoiced like traditional in the telephone yeah yeah can you make it easy to direct the conversation in voice but try to avoid this stereotypical old telephone options yeah so one thing I see that most people fail is so for example they asked a yes/no question like really really quite a single question like do you like this so now our or something like that and then they they they they also add our something like say yes if yes no no so that is really really stupid so don’t do that and I think that for most questions the answers are really really obvious but sorry if they are not or you need to provide examples and you need to penalize the user toward your happy part of your conversation and I think it’s gonna be it’s gonna work really well just because the natural language understanding becomes better and better and we are building on top of Alexa mechelen transcendent platform so we give you an ability to kind of like provides the high level enhance of what the users don’t say and that no lacks or not definitely recognize even the user says something not exactly that you described so that also helps you to design the conversation that is going more smoothly our job is because of their advanced knowledge understanding I say great due to experience this improvement because III have an Android phone I use Google assistant and I I saw the improvement that it had compared to last year or two years before maybe my my accent got a little bit smaller I don’t know but I definitely can use it more these days than I used to so yeah and also thing that’s our one more thing I would like to add here is that our most people think about voice in terms of like one interface that they can you can just talk to right and I don’t think that’s correct because you need to think bigger and you need to think about how you can display information or in the convenient form unto your user so for example the user can say the request like show me the most popular I don’t know apple cake recipes right and if you have access to multimodal experience if you have if you know that the user your easy the device with the screen you can basically show the information and that’s the basic design treats for like show don’t tell a and you can show information you can provide guidance are using the voice interface so I think you need to combine your best options and first if you’re thinking like about building something for voice our first ask yourself why this is why this is gonna be like the voice app in the first place why do you need words interface for this so I think that most people skip a part they’re like oh the selector thing is really exciting I’m going to build something and when they start building something something is not working because something is not suitable for voice experience so just just look for examples and start from something that really that really belongs to voice interface I see oh well I I would love to have that I guess you said PI printed out in my kitchen that would be nice yeah series those are advices with screws like tableau and you can use them to basically display information for users and so I actually like when I first bought like a show I started using alexa like ten times more often just because alright it’s always there and it kinda reminds me you but a lot of that like hey I’m here you can ask me these things and that is why I’ll actually use which is drawing it like show do you have some information for us some data about how many conversations are there how many monthly active users with with Alexa and also compared to other voice applications or systems like Siri Google assistant we of Cortana and who knows what else yes sure so we can talk about market size first I think that’s like the high level thing and then we can go down to usage and drill down a little bit to understand why or not using this thing so much especially apps on Alexa so if we’re talking about markets I think that on Amazon is doing like just an amazing job on selling based active devices to everyone basically so they have 50 million our devices in the United States and it’s term this is basically saying that every six every one in six Americans had a smart speaker device in heart and I think that Amazon is going to win the home segments and Google is right Google is trying to catch hot right now and they’re actually catching up pretty quickly in the first quarter this year they sold more devices than Amazon that because they wait they’re basically giving them for free its I I’d like to think about Google are from another angle so they have eighty six point two percent of all Android phones worldwide like a TC eighty six point two percent of all smartphones worldwide are based on Android right and if you think about that that you can launch that Google action on every Android smartphone because it has the glow system built in then the market size of 50 million smart speakers seems like not a big market because there are billions of smartphones Android smartphones and from Microsoft perspective these guys have 500 million window Isis the Cortana usage is growing pretty rapidly to on this only Sweden Windows Phone devices like 50 percent pants four months just tuned across here and I think this is great that more people started using these things but when you drill down a little bit into Apps usage you see and it is not that high and Amazon is definitely beating the out of Google in terms of number of apps out there so they have I think the recent that was that they have 47 elec skills in the store and a story line actually powers two and a half thousand events we just slightly 106 percent so we’re doing great and this number is actually bigger than the number of apps and be builds for and in Microsoft Store combined so those two guys are a little bit late to the market but I think that they were also do great because those apps are not exactly say I mean the use case for access to all the use case for type of device that is on your desk or near your bed right is completely different than the use case of a new collection that you can use a new Android smartphone so that’s why I think that those two are kind of like different markets and it’s not fair to just compare them with the number of devices out there because if we do like Google is definitely winning this in terms of app usage we see that more and what people start using skills on a light Sun so I’m going to think about Alexa just because we know this really well so we see that people use more and more things in Alexa and the usage grows but it’s not really high right now and the biggest problem that prevents is discovery so it’s really hard to find these things you have this thing in your table and you don’t know like what can you do with your at the device leg and the app store is out there but it’s not I think it’s not the primarily channel how people discover how people just tell us know Alexa so they’re the primary channel of getting traffic for your Alexa app is getting into the native recommendations so basically when you say something and Alexa recommends a skill to that request the thing that I mentioned earlier right so that is the primarily way of getting use users in Alexa and together you need to have or you need to have good experience first you need to have a big number of five-star reviews this is really important it’s actually better to have three five-star user revenues than just like 10 to stars right or 52 stars and she also had to write compelling skill description because I think that Alexa all there is algorithm somehow chooses those things over over over other skills so the first ya the first problem is discover in the second problem is that once you know like once you launch the ski know are tomorrow you completely forget how to fire it up again because it’s really hard to keep in mind all those limitations and that is why most most skills are not getting so much usage because they choose really crappy location names it’s for example if it’s like an outer still done name it like 12 hour relaxation meditation best outdoor experience right yes nobody’s gonna find it ever just say like ocean sounds or rain sounds or things like that oh thank you very much I think it’s a love of information let me just reflect a little bit so well congratulations on having these many skills from story line I think it’s amazing and we will get the story line in a bit I just want to quickly reflect on we talked about the different platforms and the use cases yeah there will be like cross-platform apps probably yeah that can because okay we have different use cases but we still have an overlap when we want to make notes for example and we are in the bed already or we are at in the office and we want to make notes while waiting for the coffee yeah and I do think that cross-platform apps will definitely be there right but I don’t think that so this this is actually interesting because the whole situation with the markets right now with all these platforms reminds me it reminds me of the situation with our internet browser respected 2004 when there was like Internet Explorer and those guys Microsoft had 95 or 96 % 7r2 doesn’t like that and I remember I was thinking like isn’t even possible to launch another browser is there and these are gonna be like another browser in the future and then Firefox launched and then sorry launched and Google Chrome beats all of that right so I think but it’s a little bit different here is that they the browser’s they do not have the same ecosystem as al-aksa has because there is like a chrome store of extensions but people don’t use those things as often as they use Alexa scales right and that is why the ecosystem of developers anaphylaxis kills and users matters more in this case and in this market so when so for example when BMW or Lexus are huge automotive companies they choose which market system to integrate into their cars they see that Alexa has 50,000 apps so that’s a pretty obvious choice laid over Microsoft Cortana which has like a couple of hundreds and there is kind of like a network effect here so you get more developers those developers build more apps and you integrate into broader markets like cars and then you get more developers because they’re really excited about building four cars right understood oh they will looks so I think that’s it’s a little bit different here and that is why I mentioned segments a little bit earlier like different use cases for different markets so I think that dimensionally like all right here as a voice developer you will have your app available on all these platforms and that is where are we going to be as a solution provider for this right but I don’t think that this is gonna shoot all the use cases really well okay so what are the best use cases for Alexa for home in the car yeah so right now definitely the most popular use case right now is consuming any type of audio content so that content could be listen to Spotify are playing with our different sort of sounds like smoothing music right like rain sounds ocean sounds fireplace sounds things like that those apps are really really popular right now and the third one is listening to a podcast so that is why you need to build an Alexa scale those three are the sound there is the second one I would say is games all kinds of games and Alexa so a friend of mine max his name is Molly they’ve built seven out of top twenty games from Alexa and if you want to check out some of those you have a device to happen to me to play either higher or some Cui’s so those are just two my favorite ones and those games there voice first the design specifically for voice experience and they work really well and the third big use case is interactive storytelling which is kind of like choose your own adventure type of thing where Alexa tells you that’s like you’re in a dark forest and you have two rows in front of you left to right where do you want to go and with our really good sound effects and SML which is a markup language to make Alexis have more human this becomes a really interesting experience and kids are so excited about us like they they laugh like this for is because they can be the hero of the story right you can ask your user for a name and then you can use that name as one of their story heroes so that is why that is when it becomes personal and when you hear your name every time you were like wow this is this is really interesting and that’s why this works were well I guess kids and Alexa could be another episode yeah that’s definitely need to invite one of our users ed Bach she she she built the number one in kids for Alexa which is called Keith Gordon kids for this buildin Invocable (storyline) that is really exciting for us and Keith called Alexis kill one global Alexa kids challenge and she won a prize of $25 for that and she had no like no caught in experience it was her first project for Alexa ever and she just found a shoe she found story line in the web and she built that skill and she won that prize I mean the key score is doing great right now so I think this is this is the point where we understand that are not actual non-tech people are actually able to design with these things really well even if they’re not developers by the background okay just a quick before we go to the Invocable (storyline) it seems like there is less room for businesses local businesses because it’s harder to discover so they they it’s harder to market in a way people forget the names either way to push out the information like sending a broadcast if they live like a subscription option at all and how can you improve your ranking besides the reviews like if it’s a dentist and Alexa recommend my dentist how does that work so the first thing about business is the thing that excites me the most is Amazon recently launched a feature called in skill purchases and what is skill purchases to us is that gives you an ability to monetize the content on election so basically you can do like either one-time purchase so for example it can be like another life in the game or you can do subscriptions we can subscribe the users to premium content so for example you you could do like a premium episode of your Alexis scale for a fewer podcast once a week right and if there are premium subscribers they will be able to access that and the third thing they launched which is really really interesting is an ability to integrate your basically Amazon vendor like a store on Amazon with Alexa scale so you were able with Amazon pay you are able to build a skill and will be able to order and reorder things from your store using your Alexa skill so this is where it becomes really interesting because for example there is like our business that sells napkins on Amazon right if they can make their napkins available through this and people would love to buy these things over and over through through Alexa because it’s really convenient like you just use the stuff can you had and and you’re like Alexa reorder more napkins from this route and that’s it right so that is that is where when when it becomes really interesting for businesses so the second part of your question was about how to promote yourself on Alexa really really efficiently I made you a short YouTube video whether with our SEO tips for Alexa but the highlights worker pilots are that first the name the name is the most important thing like if you screw up the name or it doesn’t matter it may be see yes how well is your description written like if you scrub a name you can even just like turn up the scale that’s it so if your if your name is good and I’ve actually written a really interesting piece of content on that how to pick a good indication name if your indication name is good and then the second thing that matters the most is the five-star reviews and enable months so you don’t actually need to have lots of users but it would be great if you can ask some people to just enable your skill and launch it once that is how I like Alexis algorithm recognizes that your skill is being used by someone and that is why how they choose your skill over other skills to promote you using the core Alexa service and the third thing that matters really well is just the general the skill item so some users come from the Amazon Amazon Alexa skills for or from the mobile app they went from the likes have when they scroll through available skills and if your icon is is different than other icons then you’ll be able to get more users you need to make it you need to make it simple you need to make it legible and obvious so people can recognize that the glance put your skill does just by staring at this icon but if you do those things right then you will have better results than 99% laxatives always have okay Oh some tips thank you very much it seems like there is a rush for the good names then as well because yeah this thing is even worse than the situation with domain names right because you cannot just put a five-letter or random thing and alexa people won’t be able to find it so that is why here it’s really important to get in the game early and just launch something and learn for us from you or from your experience in the iterative your skill and I think it’s really important to just hold the name you cannot like you cannot launch something by coca-cola in vacation main because Amazon will not let here to do that but in general like there are there is a pretty small amount of good invitation names for especially for consumer skills that you can build as a third-party developer so if you’re listening to this and if you are considering building troll X I would recommend to just build something really simple and really quickly to get the name sounds awesome thank you so about story line you have a technological background and by education I don’t why did you see a need for a platform for helping people without these skills is it something that developers can also benefit from or was it more like you so the opportunity in this space yeah first I would say that most people get alexa wrong so when they think about alexa alexa is not actually like a software platform like the smartphone or the web and most people think things that Alexa is and that’s not true because most apps on the legs the most popular action Alexa other apps that you chat with trance or browse your social networks right the most popular apps are content apps the apps that how you suit in music when you are tired the apps that you can use to play trivia games with your family or my dinner the apps that can really key the story when she goes to bath so our unique insight from the day one was that these applications are really just content and that you don’t have to be an engineer to create these types of apps that is why Alexa is much more similar to YouTube than to an icon there’s to be great in YouTube you have to create amazing content and to be great on Alexa have to produce amazing content as well so what we learned is that our non tech people are actually able to produce this really interesting engaging content if they are if they have the right motivation to do that right and if they do have the right motivation then their results will be just amazing okay so you’re like liberated the content publishing like YouTube did in a way so brother yeah yeah exactly and it’s not just for party developers right we’re actually moving away from third-party developers to businesses more because we see that for those guys it’s actually easier to build something themselves than to hire an agency can build a scale for 100,000 box okay something like that and for most businesses like just let’s just pick a random use case like a radio station right most Alexa skills for radio stations are pretty much the same and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel you can just use the template that we provide you with and we we make sure from our side we make sure that that template is the best time for that you can ever find it’s the most optimized that works really well in Alexa and if you if you want tomorrow on sure thing and Alexa start from template thank you very much I think it gives a better perspective how people can go at it how would you define Invocable (storyline) if there’s like a compression is it more like the word press of voice applications or Weebly imply that word press worse both WordPress and Weebly are pretty good examples okay how do you make their integration with Alexa how does it work so let’s say I want to have for my podcaster a bot or an f3 how should I go at it so we do not we do not publish this thing for you we provided with the self-service tool so you can go to get story right comm or sign up using the Google account and then you can create your skill and when when you’re creating your skill first you you select a template already with some temples to make things easy from the very beginning and then after you do creative skill you need to upload your skill to Alexa first to your own Amazon developer account and if you don’t have one will be ID like how to make one so you need to have Amazon developer Todd can connect it to story line because that is how we do the magic that is how we programmatically take our the visual canvas that you built in Invocable (storyline) the content that you built it around and that is what how we transform that into an interaction model for the Alexa scale and we automatically grab that and transform it and upload it to your Alexa and once you do that you can test your skill on Alexa by saying Alexa open your store name and once you’ve tested your skill and once you need to raid on it so you can publish it to the store and make it available for all people who have active devices and to do that you can go to the publishing tab in Invocable (storyline) and feel in publish information which are things like skill descriptions short and long or indication name and skill icon and when you do you can just submit for the certification and in in less than 24 hours you’ll be good to go okay sounds exciting guy I feel like I like takes like less than 10 minutes to build your first thing I promised okay I promise this episode will air on Alexa okay it’s already on Google assistant I am but nobody watches I just put it in my phone and I enjoy how it works so how does the development work do you type the voices are the dictate is it your voice is it Alex’s voice if the interaction was yeah sure so we came up with a way to so here is how I think about boys design in Invocable (storyline) you have we have two concepts and there is we have blocks and steps so a block is a short conversation between Alexa and the user and it starts from Alexa saying something like hi welcome to this awesome scale what would we like to do today right and then the user replies with something and those things are both what Alexa size and what user say our stops and there are some more steps like playing an audio file or alternatively making an API call to some third-party service to grab information so for example you can integrate Google sheets with Invocable (storyline) pretty easily and you can basically put your all your content in Google sheets and then basically make it available on Alexa so Alexa will read the content from your Google spreadsheet and this is really cool because you can manage the content with someone else in this project and Alexa will just stir and we’ll just grab the content from that scratch it and make it available in Alexa so there are blocks and steps and the way the way you design your boys app is basically by creating blocks then patients insider blocks like what Alexa say Switzer says and then create it and now the blocks from what users say like if user says yes on temple there is another block and then I like to say something and the Mews are safe and as a result so that is why that is how you design the boys experience in Invocable (storyline) sounds amazing so I could just ask for last days I don’t know impressions on certain applications just get some information filtered down to some level if I have it in in these integrations right yeah it’s good and what integrations do you have in place so you mentioned the Google sheet I’ve I heard that you have zapier or in the plan this is in the plan this is in the pipeline so we do have Google Spreadsheets right now it’s kind of limited but you can build pretty interesting skills with that so for example the guy wonderful power users he’s from India he’s a mystery party so he’s not a skill like in I think in 15 or 30 minutes and the skill is very simple it’s called daily morning affirmations and actually I think this is a really great use case and this is a really great indication aim for Alexa skill you can pretty easily understand what it does right and so I just told you the invocation name and you have a clear picture that this thing basically tells you and you morning affirmations every day right and you want information every day so she’s not the skill and the skill grabs are random facts random morning informations from a Google spreadsheet and it basically tells the user you morning information every day and this skill is on the front page of their Alexa still store in India and these guys can’t remake in over 1000 a month from this skill because Amazon sent in payouts because the skill is getting so much instant so it was really simple for him to design the scale and I think that most people just when they’re thinking about voice interface they imagine like a huge complex I don’t know IVR thing with all these connections right but most experience is most really good experiences pretty simple and pretty simple to design to create and I don’t think that you should be scared of that yeah I can relate to that because the things I use as I mentioned I use Google assistant are very simple I I set reminders when I don’t want to choose all the options and which year which month whatever I say remind me in in a month or I say wake me up in eight hours and I don’t want to count when that happens simple things like that what are your skills that you use on a daily basis or whatever word you mentioned a couple that impressed you just yeah so I use some sound skills or with relaxing sounds and ambient sounds I do not use this particular skill on a daily basis but I use it quite often with friends it’s the skill that I mentioned earlier is called song Cui’s so that’s kind of my best it’s actually a real interesting it’s kind of like a trio with where you can guess songs and you can play with your friends with the sugar so it’s pretty good so those two are I think the most often and yeah i love playing yes i as well like it’s amazing it’s kind of like a role-playing game and the next time you have to decide what are you gonna do like the you are you sort of like a sire and the reason lieutenant and she comes to you and asks like sire there is a princess near our castle should we let her in or not and you have to start the first one is money and the second one is defense you have to balance those two so for example you make a decision and you can get more money much less influence it had to balance like if you become to reach the king will execute you if you if you get to cool basically the people will execute you right so you have to you have to maintain those stats and the game begins really interesting okay so you put some excess pressure on you besides managing this company okay how’s the pricing works was the monetization for store so we do have a problem and we also have another reality not a tool which allows you to build flash living skills in Invocable (storyline) so the problem is specifically designed for this flash may contain so if you know how flash working works it’s a specific skill and Alexa where you can add more feeds and then your customer enable your customers enable those feeds like they can enable like CNN flash working on BBC five anything right and once they say Alexa what’s in the news they will be receiving your content that you’ve put into that flash Griffon skill so when you when you create a flash you can still in Invocable (storyline) it’s a little bit different than the custom skill um it’s it has so the interface is really simple or you can add posts to your first riffing skill to specific days so for example today you want to publish three posts and you just add three posts and then you click publish the fashion skill you upload it to Alexa and these parts become available to your customers and on a free player and you can you can basically need to you need to log in to Invocable (storyline every day to create posts and best flash meetings provide daily content that is why we built the feature which is called our posting schedule so you can schedule your content upfront like for a whole month or for a whole year and you don’t have to go log into story line every day and update your content and so on we’ll make sure to deliver the corporate content into the proper time so that feature is no problem and also a priority customer support for us we’re still getting so much usage in the past two months that were not able to serve all our free users that’s why prioritize our customers over just people who play with things and the top line is 49 per month or 39 per month if billed annually so you save 12 yeah 120 bucks if you buy any plan sounds great what comes in the future of Invocable (storyline) I know Amazon likes to buy companies and there’s even this like Felix by Whole Foods which this is three line acquired by Amazon anytime soon or is it more like you branching out to different platforms like Google assistant Siri but what’s in the future yeah so first we want to make sure that we provide the best experience for Alexa and what I mean by that is that we basically want to take their skill building process from the moment when you create the skill to the moment when we publish it and when it’s life in the store and we want to simplify each step on the skill building process process at least five acts so what I mean by that is are when you’re creating a skill we provide you with templates and guides on how to design the best experiments right when you are creating the content in your skill when you’re in the promise of content creation we basically give you an ability to import your content from somewhere to duplicate your content to push it to another skill of yours so we help you to do all these things with content and a special like select multiple voices for your skill things like that when you publish your skill will help you with the publishing feeling the publish information so we want to make sure that we nail down their likes experience first and then we want to expand to other platforms we want to give you an ability to publish your skill to Google system as well to Microsoft Cortana there’s no Stu are our biggest priorities right now and to see of course if they will ever open up the platform so we don’t have we don’t have like a plan to sell the company 25 days or something like that right we just want to we just want to build something people want that is why C Y Combinator’s treta make something people want so we built a product that people really love we want to continue to be back and I would like to hear from our customers when they say like Oh guys this is this is so cool like this is the best thing I’ve ever seen I’ve tried build my skills in code and it never worked really well so I just did that store line and it make words it’s it’s always amazing to get things like that yeah mostly I would love to continue this conversation but I quickly have to go and build an app I guess but I would love to have a nomination for our next guest by you you made it also already a recommendation thank you for that yeah I think actually I think you have to pick our animal Evan she’s fantastic – shoes belts and some of their most popular story line skills actually so and she has some really interesting insights on how kids think about Alexa or I can just drop from bad so how kids think about Alexis that they we don’t treat Alexa as a smart assistant they treat Alex as a friend and they talk to her as a friend and we see her as a small like as a friend captivated in a small box on your desk and they just like talking to power hours and power distance I think that is really interesting because that is the future generation right and that is how they become familiar with technology and that is how they will be interacting with these things in the next 10 years yeah I would definitely love to explore that topic huh all right amazing thank you very much yeah thanks so much for having me pretty sure that’s the last call to action or question how can people start with the Invocable (storyline) what’s the easiest way so the easiest way is to go to our website which is gets oralin.com or you can just google like story line Alexa Builder or some place up and sign up and build your first skill so that is really simple and I would definitely recommend you joining our Facebook group because we’ve connected 2500 best alexis skills developers are from all over the world into one place and you can get help and it can get advice on how to build skills and what kind of skills the belt from all these people and there are people who want multiple alexa challenges there are the best voice designers there and there are people from Amazon Alexa team there who love to help you so you definitely need to join that community if you are in this place and if you’re interested in learning more some do you have also a voice chat or we have to type there thank you very much have a great day yeah I hope you like this chat I definitely learned a lot and enjoyed building my first alexa skill you can get the show notes at chat bar tutorial comm forward slash podcast and just search for this episode number 12 stay tuned for the next episode we will be talking about chat pod 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