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Top Updates Messenger Marketing – December 2018

In this new series, I’m going to give a quick recap of each month from the world of Messenger bots and Marketing.
Some news will be bigger and covered in a separate article, some will be just mentioned here. I’ll try to pick the ones that are more interesting (no bug fixes…) and turn these little points into useful content. Please note that I’m experimenting this kind of content, so might discontinue if I don’t feel it’s useful enough or the month is eventless.

The biggest news of December is coming from Facebook itself.

The deadline to submit your submission for page level subscription messages is pushed back.
It was originally the end of 2018.

As we continue to review our Subscription Messaging policies, developers provided access to send messages via app-level permissions may continue to do so until further notice. We highly encourage developers to migrate to the Page-level permission as soon as possible as we evaluate potential updates to this policy.

Facebook needs more time to deal with the submissions for Page-level subscriptions messages. Actually, we have sites that we’ve submitted at the beginning of November and still had them on pending at the end of December.

I suggest you don’t wait long and try to get your submission as soon as possible.

Here’s some news about the bot builders:


Page roles
Now you’re able to assign different roles and don’t have to worry about explaining the whole bot mechanism or sharing sensitive data.
Invitation links no longer expire after 24 hours either. Instead, you can revoke access to the invitation link at any time. ⏳

Chatfuel roles - marketer, editor
It’s also easier to see the invites sent out

The different roles are:
admin – as before, can manage user roles
editor – can edit the content of the bot
marketer – can send broadcasts and personal messages
operator – can send personal messages and see reachable users
viewer – can view the content of the bot

Custom roles are coming soon as well.

Broadcast test function
No need to duplicate and change the target audience anymore. Just hit the preview button and your FB account will get the message in seconds.

Videos in without restrictions – duration and quality

This is a big relief for many of us. We had constant issues with a client that created amazing videos but had a hard time to make them smaller. Facebook sometimes converts the videos back to a bigger size and even though your video is only 14MB it won’t be accepted as Facebook pushes it to a size above 25MB.

The only drawback is that it needs to be a public video posted on a FB page, but that page can be a different page as well and you can also change the publish datum if you want it to stay relatively undercover.

Here’s a quick video on it:


Ability to use bot fields and custom user fields in Call Button.

Comment Growth Tool: a new tab called Promotable posts. This tab includes ads posts, dark posts, and posts from the page timeline that could be promoted.

Removed the ability to make bulk actions for Live Chat agents. That’s a great way to avoid mistakes.

Zapier: the ability to test Custom User Fields (CUF) in Zapier with Admin data. Easier for bot builder to understand how the integration works, and how the data changes.



1. Collapsible and Expandable: ​   
* Tools in the Bot Builder
* Groups in pages  
* Widgets on a Page​

2. Drag and Drop
Groups and Pages to Organize them according to their purpose.


1. Cloning of Pages​

Pages can now be cloned. If you want to reproduce the content of a page so you just need to make minor changes to create a similar page, you can do so with the option Clone Page.

2. Search a Page 


1. Scheduled Chats Blasts based on Audience’s Timezone (Pro Only)​
2. Drip Campaigns    
* Schedule drips based on the previous message  
Each drip is now scheduled based on the previous message vs the old one that schedules it based on the first message. This makes it simpler because most of us would want the last message as the basis of the next drip.

* New Preview Window

The Drip Campaigns has better Preview Window that gives relevant details on each Drip (message), MobileMonkey added “Queued” to show  how many is waiting to be sent from the overall audience;  “Unsubscribes” to tell you how many contacts unsubscribes from that point of the Drip campaign.


Sync Facebook Custom Audience

They also have this neat new “Sync Facebook Custom Audience” feature (pro only!) They can re-target these audiences on Facebook for a marketing campaign. 

This by far my favorite addition by MM. Makes things so much easier if you (want to) use Facebook audiences.

When you sync it to your ad account, it creates a Custom Audience with these people on Facebook. 

It always has the prefix  `MobileMonkey -`  so they can keep track of them.

That was it for December 2018.

Which one is your favorite? Did I miss anything significant? Want to be featured here with your software? Let me know in the comments.


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