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Top Updates Messenger Marketing – February 2019

What an eventful month this was, there was a test by FB that spread widely.

Then we have a lot of updates from the bot builders and other tools like Janis. Let me know what do you think.


Test about the businesses folder

FB has started testing a separate, dedicated business ‘folder’ inside the Messenger app for some users since the beginning of this month. Seems like it was expanding to a wider user range today as many people noticed it and even FB (Messenger dev group admins) reacted. It’s in different countries and languages. Now, it’s still just a test and apparently, they took it already back. But it




shows how vulnerable we can be based on how Facebook decides. You can read my more detailed on it on our FB page. I’ve also received a reply from an admin to my comments in the Messenger developers group, so seems like there is a willingness from Facebook’s side to improve it. They already stopped this on the enabled accounts btw… See more

New authorization

Facebook rolled out a new authorization screen and it may made you have to resubmit your approval a few times this month.

Also, keep in mind that default state of “Manage your Pages” permission in new authorization screen is turned off. Don’t forget to enable it, otherwise, you won’t be able to connect your bot to a page and your bots may stop working.





“AI Starter Kits” from Janis now in public beta!

Instead of training your AI, the kit will allow it to respond immediately. Take into consideration it will not respond to everything, but it still seems like a beneficial development. The whole kit splits into two major points: a pre-trained AI that understands small talk, customer service FAQs, and other messages bots receive, and a set of pre-built responses in a bot template (Manychat and Chatfuel). All you have to do is edit these responses and adjust theirs to your preferences. Or simply use the content you already have!

You can find the kit here

I love seeing Janis improving all the time, it’s one of the reasons why I decided to give Janis PRO access to students of my upcoming program Bot Matery 2.0.


And now onto the top Messenger bot builders.


As expected a lot of new things as expected and reported last month and also in my activechat review. If you’re new to this tool, give it a try, there’s a 2 weeks free trial and I have discount codes for the readers as well.

1️. Finally, salvation comes to the users in the form of a UNDO/REDO feature. You are now allowed to make mistakes and fix them, all thanks to these tiny arrows next to the Home icon! Classic Ctrl+Z is also your friend here if you’re feeling fancy 😉

2️. Now the user can drag the canvas while still having blocks in their clipboard. Just use left mouse click-and-drag or, in case of multiple blocks, Ctrl+drag or Shift+drag.

3️. Pull a line from the previous block and create a new one – simple as that! A small menu will appear on the button-release (pic below). It’s pretty plain for now but it is to be updated with some icons soon.



4️) DATA category gains new data validation blocks. Using them with checking  $_validation_result system variable with SWITCH lets the user make sure if the variable in question contains a number, phone number or email. There are more validation criteria to be added. Check out an example offered by the developer team.

5️) Custom SMTP server settings in each bot! The user can also choose the address from which the emails will be sent. The AC team offers a simple tutorial how to set it up and, following their example, we advise you not to use this tool to spam, let’s keep our subscribers spam-free 😉

Note from AC: default address was deprecated, and if you’ve been using EMAIL block before you should go to Settings – SMTP and paste your email details.

6️) “Out of stock” products are no longer shown when “Show only in-stock items” setting is selected in WOOPRODUCTS block thanks to the WooCommerce v3.0 API support.

7️) The user can now trigger bot events and send messages when the client adds products to their shopping card or click specific buttons on the website. This is now possible with the event tracking code that tracks specific events when someone visits the user’s website. Additionally, Facebook no longer has have the opportunity to uncheck the “Send to Messenger” checkbox by default – how can it when there is no checkbox? 😉


8️) Talking to a customer on SMS is now possible with the ADD2SMS block. If the user has a Twilio account connected, all they have to do is choose the block from the JSON category and they will be sent the client’s phone number directly to their Twilio messaging channel.

9️) REF-ADD and REF-DATA were added blocks to help the user build referral chatbots for viral marketing.


10) Turning skills into templates that can be used across bots was requested by one of the users and now it’s here – if you create a skill to unsubscribe/subscribe someone, you can select that template in another bot so you don’t have to rebuild the skill from scratch.

11) It looks like multiple blocks and arrows can now be moved at the same time!

12) Status block has been added. Anytime the bot subscribers type Unsubscribe or Subscribe, it will trigger the flow attached to this block.





First of all, a live-chat improvement. Making it easier to sort certain users, CF directed the conversations in which the live support was closed to a ‘Closed’ section. In short: Following up and looking up the convo with a human touch is now only a click away!



Secondly, broadcast preview is finally here! Imagine you are sending a broadcast and… a mistake happens. The content is not in order, you deleted part of it, picked the wrong audience…  The preview tool is now up to get you back on the track 🙂


Thirdly, Dashboard API. The tool is still in beta, but it is designed to let users create and clone bots at scale and generate invite links (e.g. providing instant access to templates). More to come!

Fourthly, human agents privacy. The user can now toggle the “Persona” feature in LiveChat. Simple yet much-desired update.

Fifthly, CVS archive. It stores the user’s broadcasts making it possible to sort and analyze them up to the user’s preference.

And finally, last but not least, pre-build flows. The name says everything, these are some templates that the user can take advantage of while building their bot. Each flow creates a number of connected blocks and responses that the user can customize. Making the bot can now be simpler, quicker and also give the user an insight into how the CF bots actually work. In this case, easier definitely equals better 🙂 It’s still a test on a few accounts, so don’t worry if you can’t see it.



Dialogflow theoretically kept it simple but practically, the changes may make a significant difference.

  • Improved conversation quality and scalability

Long story short: intent matching has been improved. Technology and infrastructure from Google have been incorporated to improve the scalability of agents so that large agents with a huge number of intents and entities will be served better. Also, large query loads are to be handled better.

  • System entity improvementsMore dates, times, colors, currencies and other data from the bot users will now be recognized with no additional custom settings. Cross-language support is also said to be improved.


It’s been a tough month for MC, having stability issue for many users including us.

Before:  Deciding whether the user wants their subscribers to see LiveChat messages as sent from their page or from a particular LiveChat agent.

After: The user’s LiveChat agents can now decide whether they want to go on with the full name and Facebook pictures or whether they want ManyChat to replace their name and profile picture with something more professional.

Additionally, as we announced in January updates, the Ads MC integration is now in public Beta.

Also, if a subscriber doesn’t have a Facebook profile, they opted-in in your bot in messenger using a phone number (you can do that in the mobile version of facebook messenger) – they will be shown as a ‘Subscribed with phone number’.

If a subscriber opted-in in your bot through growth tool of another platform – correct information will be shown in “Opted In through” section in Subscriber Profile.




Introducing four changes this month:


  • WordPress MM plugin is out!

It does not support every region yet but, hopefully, more are to be added. Look on the official page for more features.



  • Bot-sharing

Owners and Admin can now share the bot with anyone who gets the link.

  • Marketing Automation

With the newest update, MM honors “undeliverables”, so people who, for example, blocked the user on Facebook. Additionally, Chat blast and Drip Campaign statistics will now be calculated more accurately as Drip Campaigns can be paused.


  • Audience Insights

Attributes on Contacts can be deleted.

Octane team has also introduced quite a few updates this month.


  • Order Status Opt-in Button


Now even if the customer has not opted-in for shipping updates before the purchase, they can still do it afterwards!



  • Adding UTM Parameters to Octane AI Links


UTM parameters will now be added automatically so that the user can track clicks from their bot to their store. This includes abandoned carts, in-bot products and broadcast sent to the store too! The medium and source for each link will remain the same (utm_source=octaneai; utm_medium=messenger).



  • Dashboard Updates


Finally, the user can access more features from the same location. The pre- and post- update Dashboards below for reference 🙂


  • Navigation Updates + More Detailed Analytics


Navigation has been made simpler as abandoned carts, order & shipping confirmations have been added under the Flow tab. Each of these categories now has its own analytics too!

  • Personalizing Comment Capture

The user can now personalize the Comment Capture replies by adding the name and surname of the addressee.

  • Deleting Lists

It says everything for itself – now the user can finally delete lists.

  • Joining a List + Targeting

Now it’s been made possible to target by when a user joined a list.

That was it for February, stay tuned for March.

Which one is your favorite?
Did I miss anything significant?
Let me know in the comments!


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