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Top Updates Messenger Marketing – January 2019

Welcome in 2019!
It seems that the Top Messenger marketing and bot updates of Decemberdrew some interest, so here is the second part of the monthly bot recap series. The beginning of the year brought a lot of big changes, so tighten your belts and get your bots ready.

Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp Chatbots combined?

It seems like the barrier between Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger is finally to be broken. The users will not have to switch accounts to chat. That means interplatform chatting. 2019 – new year, new messaging.

Announcing a merge of the chatting tools for late 2019/early 2020, Facebook plans to grant independence to the other two platforms while integrating their underlying messenger infrastructure. This would also help all the platforms to keep their existing infrastructure to Messenger and not having to extra adopt to WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook would aim to gain even more market share against some other messaging platforms like iMessage. Seems like a golden era for chat marketing and everyone who can quickly adapt it to the client’s needs.


Now, technically it could’ve been available already in December. Platforms started to add it to their live chat only this months. We’ve seen a rather quick adaptation, so props for that.

Showing an example on the picture above, while talking to a bot you can see the business icon but as soon as there is a human takeover, the icon changes to the profile picture and name of the person you are chatting with.

Now the user will be shown the profile and name of the real agent talking to them instead of just basic business information. It’s not available from Facebook Inbox, and I asked if there’s any plan on this, but seems like it’s only for bot (api) solutions right now.


This bot-builder has come out of pretty much nowhere and now is already one of the best bot builders. Gathering all the feedback they can, the developers behind it announce lots of updates in the following months, making the platform even more tempting to use. Is it a new prospect leader on the market? Find out more in ourin-depth ActiveChat Review

But wait, what is that… On the last day of the month, AC introduces a new feature! Watch your bot variables directly in the list of Users and history of conversations by adding up to 10 variables to the columns in the table. Then, click the column headers to sort and watch ‘variable rewind’ happen.



– Janis added Personas – it takes your Slack image and name and shows to the end user. Enabled by default.

Setting user attributes

All this while chatting live with users on Slack now possible for Chatfuel users.

This is an amazing addition to the push to block function that’s been added last month. Let’s say you need to manually fix an email address as they update, or you want to set a lead score after a short personal chat. You just type @janis set email to You might even push it to a block right after so it’s updated in a database or a lead is generated etc.


After releasing Chatfuel user roles in December, CF officially confirms with a blog post that the five-role system does its job making it easier to work on a project allowing others to see and do only as much as you let them.


CF surprises us with the human-bot distinction (personas) in their newest update. Good to note that, from now on, it’s a default setting that can be altered in the Live Chat tab. As per user feedback, they’ll have an only first name option.


Deep Facebook Ad Integration

Nothing describes MC’s update better than this phrase: dynamic targeting. With this tool, you can choose the type of your audience and reduce the cost-per-conversation. Who do you want to target? Small businesses from Australia? Over-20 Queen enthusiasts from New Orlean? Or maybe middle-aged bird-owners working in sales? Just specify your preferences, adjust your audience size and the tool will do the rest for you.


ManyChat added Personas fairly early on. It’s still in test mode and can be toggled off or on depending how someone likes to communicate. Default is off as far as I know and it shows the full name of the FB user and image is from the FB profile.


User Interface

  • The Category shows a Tiled Icon for each Tool

Now, once you click on a Category it will show a tiled icon of each tool with descriptions of their functions. This comes in exchange for seeing previous page as a default after clicking on a Category and having to choose a specific option to go further.

  • New terms for Folders and Groups (Groups -> Folders and Pages -> Dialogues)

“We hope this new term more accurately reflects the purpose of the thing, which is a short message exchange between your page and its contacts.”

Marketing Automation

  • Drip Campaign now has Include and Exclude Audience Option

You can now directly choose Multiple Audiences to INCLUDE and EXCLUDE in your Drip Campaign.

Lead Magnets

  • Messenger AD now has Create an Opt-in Page Option

You don’t have to create a separate dialogue anymore – Messenger Ads Landing dialogue can now be created within the Messenger Ad editor itself to make it simpler especially while running multiple ads on Facebook.

We have not covered this platform before so some features below may have just been updated, not introduced in January per say.

New: Smart Responses AI – Automate Customer Support

Introducting Smart Responses AI, Octane creates a tool that gathers the most frequently ocurring questions and automatically sets default answers to them so that the bot knows how to react promptly in most situations. You can find out how to use it here, but worry not – the final decision what the bot does is still in your hands!

Smile+Octane: Increase Referrals & Get More Customers

Featuring Smile integration, Octane takes email referral to the next level. It’s 2019, let’s move it to Messenger! If a customer logged in as a Smile member on your store purchases something from you they will get a referral link on Facebook Messenger. This way, they can use it to share the link on Facebook and earn Smile rewards. You can also customize the message they will share along with the time after which they will receive it. Link to full guide here.

It seems like this would be it for January 2019. February already holds some great updates, stay tuned.

Which one is your favorite?
Did I miss anything significant?
Want to be featured here with your software?
Let me know in the comments!


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