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Facebook Put New Bot-Creation on Pause

(Exciting edit: Bots are back + a ton of cool updates)

Hey guys, Balint here.

Today I’m going to give my thoughts on the newest messenger update as of 27th, March, 2018.

So you’ve probably heard in the news that Facebook has had issues with data breaches — over 50 million users’ data was exposed to other platforms.

This is obviously not something that Facebook wanted but they have to deal with this issue — so they’ve chose to put the bot review on hold.


This means bot-builders are currently unable to connect new chatbots to Messenger.

What Facebook are going to do now is have an in-depth review of their platform and they’re creating new terms and policies for developers who are building B2B apps.

Facebook are also setting up a reward system to find vulnerabilities so they can make sure these issues never happen again.

You can’t currently deploy new bots, but make sure you . . .

– don’t panic

– don’t blame Facebook

– don’t blame the bot-building platforms

– don’t disconnect your existing chatbots

At the moment you can’t really do anything except be patient and follow the advice in the flow chart above.

There may actually be a short window of time in the next few days where you can deploy new bots (I actually just made a chatbot with no welcome message, no default replies, and no persistent menu — funnily enough this went up fine, so yeah . . .)

Give it a try.

On a positive note, I think this is a very good thing in the long run.

As messenger-bot owners/builders (of whom many of us have bots which take payment inside the chat) we want a situation where our Facebook subscribers and customers have full trust in social media platforms.

Otherwise they’ll stop buying from us.

So I’m happy that Facebook is trying to make Messenger more secure, safe — and trustworthy.

As long as you’re always playing by the rules, Messenger should be an excellent platform for marketers well into the future.

Let’s not forget, until today all the new updates Facebook were bringing out were super exciting and beneficial.

All we have to do now is wait a couple weeks, be patient, keep learning about chatbots, and keep improving the bots you already have.

Like I said, there is still a small window right now where you can make new chatbots, so let me know if you are reading this in the next few hours.

I’ll help you out with anything bot related and give you updates on this news.

Make sure to subscribe (or stay subscribed) so I can notify you once Facebook starts allowing new bot development on their platform.

Thank you for Reading, stay botting.

– Balint


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